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Call and Response movie: Going Viral! – Tall Skinny Kiwi

Call and Response movie: Going Viral!

The film I told you about – Call and Response – has gone quite viral and might be an award winner. CNN are covering it. We are requesting our local theater show it as soon as they can. I just forwarded an email flyer to some of my friends who might not have seen it yet. Anyone seen it who wants to talk about it or leave a response in the comments below???????? Hello???????


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ORIGINAL POST: “Call and Response: Go see this movie. Dammit!!

We enjoyed a special screening of Call and Response on Saturday night, at our special summit in Tahoe. Filmmaker Justin Dillon was there and talked about what he was thinking when he made this BRILLIANT film that opens around the country on October 10th in a limited number of cinemas. Its a GREAT film that tackles the subject of human trafficking in USA using music, story, and the philosophy of blues. It was the blues that I especially connected with and the wisdom of Dr Cornel West on the blues concept of call and response. Also good to see some well known celebrities speak up or sing out on human trafficking. Hope it does really well. Go see it, dammit!

Call and Response on Facebook

Actually, what Justin has accomplished in bringing in so many artists around this cause reminded me of what Ry Cooder did with Buena Vista Social Club . . .but with a serious social conscience. Ok – now watch the trailer

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  • This looks like a film I should see and don’t want to see. Sin runs rampant. The only long term solution is repentance. The worst part is the addiction of Christian men to porn on the web. Easy to hide from everyone but God.

  • i think early next year in the UK and I expect to have it shown in our town the same weekend it opens.
    Somebody should invite Justin to show it at Greenbelt Festival 2009.

  • Mate
    I have watched the clips from this film …. it looks friggin amazin ….. Is the film going mainstream in the cinemas in the UK? If not how could I go about getting it shown at a cinema over here in Northern Ireland …. I’m the guy who commented here a few months ago …. said I was starting a new job as a youth pastor …. Iv set up a blog now as well …. things are going great in Bangor …. the Spirits moving in the hearts and lives of the youngsters …. Im also getting stuck into ‘The new Conspirators’

  • hi Pete. we are asking the local theatre in scotland to show it. then we will ask the people behind the movie to send it
    i heard that if you can round up 1000 people for a showing, then they will probably send it out to you. but you will need to check on that yourself.

  • Hi Andrew!
    The film has done really well in Austin, Texas. We have started our own local grassroots org to help fight trafficking here in Texas.
    The film is great! Well done and the music just fits the message. The music is necessary to the film. It would be hard to sit through an hour and a half of data and stories about the modern day slave trade. Go see this important film. For sure it should be screened at Greenbelt ’09.

  • Saw the film in San Francisco and thought it was friggin amazing. The connection between slavery and music is articulated so well by Professor Cornell West. His definition of the word, “funk” is worth the ticket price. The film really inspires you to get out and make a difference. GO SEE IT! In case it’s not in a theatre near you, it will be available through netflix. I checked and it’s already in their system to save in your queue.

  • it was the #3 best performing film in the US last night. no distributor. no advertising. nada. just people.

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