HPV vaccination and the coercion of our 13 year old diabetic daughter

We are a bit shaken up over the HPV Vaccination, sometimes called the HPV Jab. It supposedly immunises young women against sexually transmitted disease that can lead to genital warts and cervical cancer but is not yet proven. However, for a number of reasons, my wife and I “opted out” by checking the ‘No’ box on the consent form, and our 13 year old daughter also decided NOT to get the jab. We figured with both parents and daughter against the idea, the jabbing would pass us by. But then she went to school and some anonymous doctor jabbed her anyway.

We have no overt moral or spiritual issue with the immunization itself and, along with the FRC, we don’t believe that the HPV immunisation necessarily leads to promiscuity. We do, however, have a problem with mandatory or coerced vaccination against the will of the child or the parents. But we were told we could “opt out” so we didn’t give it much thought.

On the day, our 13 year old daughter, who by the way has Type-1 Diabetes, was taken aside from the other girls and told by the doctor that she was the only girl in her year who had handed in a consent form with a cross in the ‘No’ box. As they started to talk, and without being asked if she wanted it, the doctor jabbed her.


We have serious issues with this relatively untested and unproven drug Cervarix. Finding answers to basic questions like “How will it affect our Type-1 diabetic pre-adolescent daughter?” has proven impossible for us and I can only assume, unless the one of the 158 pre-adolescent [10-14 year] test candidates had Type-1 diabetes, that our daughter is now the gullible guinea pig who will test this product for the much larger international market.

On the internet we call that “beta testing”, although we are talking about our daughter, not a new web application.

“Coerced vaccination is not justified because there is no public health emergency. Similarly, forcing an intervention over an adolescent’s objections is not justified because it fails to respect the adolescent as a maturing individual.” BMJ (British Medical Journal)

We shared our story with a social worker and he suggested reporting it to the police as a case of abuse. We went over to our school today to discuss it with them. The head teacher was shocked and apologetic and offered to talk to the NHS. Obviously the school is not to blame and has been kept in the dark.

The BMJ suggested that “the most controversial situation is when an adolescent seeks the vaccine without parental permission.” But even more controversial is what happened to our child in Scotland, when the vaccination was given AGAINST the written permission of both the parents AND against the will of the adolescent, or in this case, the pre-adolescent.

Opting Out

The Government says that the vaccine will be offered to all girls in the selected age range but that parents will be given the opportunity to “opt out” if they do not want their child to receive the jabs. “It will be voluntary” the Telegraph reports, and yet the paragraph following states that “non-compliance” could undermine the project.

Choice-Hpv-ImmunizationI guess we were “non-compliant”

but I like to think of it as “pro-choice”.

I was thinking that maybe we could have prevented the abuse of our daughter by not sending in the consent form at all. But then we chatted with one of our kid’s friends who also got jabbed, despite her not wanting it and despite her father refusing to sing the consent form. I guess we are not the only ones.

Can We Really Opt Out? The brochure given to the 12-13 year olds called “Arm Against Cervical Cancer” [download as PDF] promises that parents can “opt out”. It reads:

“You may be given a consent form that your parents should sign giving permission for you to have the vaccination. It’s important that you return the signed form before your vaccination is due. If your parents are not sure that you should have the vaccination you should still return the form and speak to your nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional. Having the vaccination now will help protect you against the most common causes of cervical cancer for many years.”

What does that mean, anyway? If your parents say ‘No’, then you should speak to the medical professionals to get a second opinion? Sounds like we were outranked by someone with a stethoscope around their neck!

But surely its illegal, even in this country, to ignore the parents consent when the ‘young woman’ involved has only just turned 13 years old?

So, from our experience with the first jab, this is how it looks to me:

– If your daughter refuses the vaccination, she is young and incapable of making the right decision so JAB HER ANYWAY. [So says Dr Frank on Yahoo Answers]
– If your parents refuse to permit the vaccination, they are old and too stupid to make the right decision so JAB HER ANYWAY.

– If both daughter and parents refuse the vaccination, JAB HER ANYWAY and hope that no one says anything.

Any way you look at it, our daughters are going to get jabbed unless they have the gumption to stand up for their right to choose for themselves. Or someone else stands up for them. Or we keep them out of school on the jabbing day.

Side Effects?

The brochure suggests the side effects are “ quite mild – usually just stinging and soreness in the arm that soon wears off. Hundreds of thousands of young women in the USA and other countries have already had their vaccinations. Studies have shown that the vaccination is very safe.” But what the brochure doesnt tell you about those young women in the USA is that over 20 died and thousands of others now have serious permanent injuries.

After the jab, our daughter and 2 friends had immediate side effects, including a hot and cold flashes and dizziness, but they was told it was in their minds. Headaches have continued almost daily since the jab and a few days ago she had a very serious seizure during the night. We were just glad she was sleeping in our bed. She slept in our bed last night also, just in case another seizure happened, and she will probably sleep in our bed again tonight. And we dont really know if the seizure or headaches are related to the jab or rather to her diabetes. But we are still worried and information is scarce.

My advice?

1. Do Your Own Research!

2. Find information websites that allow comments and stories of real people who are not paid to say only positive things about HPV vaccinations.

3. If you don’t want your daughter jabbed, or if she doesnt want to get jabbed, don’t send her to school on the day of jabbing because the permission form might not be worth the paper it is written on.

4. Make a copy of your consent form before your daughter hands it in and it disappears into space.

5. If your story is similar to ours, tell someone.

Read on to see some of the things I found about about this vaccination.

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More info

Having done a little research to see exactly what substance they shot into our daughter’s arm, we are a little worried. And we have a feeling we are not the only ones. If you are looking for more information on the subject, this is what I have found so far:

The HPV immunization process is rolling out across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They are starting with Scottish 12-13 year old girls, like our daughter, and then working upwards over the next few years.

From what I have read, HPV stands for human papillomavirus which affects the skin and mucous membranes. There are about 130 types but about 30-40 HPV types are typically transmitted through sexual contact and some may cause genital warts. Persistent infection with “high-risk” HPV types may progress to lesions and cervical cancer. Wikipedia suggests the Cervarix vaccinations given in the UK protect against two types of HPV (16 and 18).

But there is no proven clinical evidence that it actually works and the side effects, if similar to Gardasil in USA, might be dangerous and even fatal.


It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.

Attorney General: “Brawndo’s got what plants crave.”

Secretary of Energy: “Yeah, it’s got electrolytes.”

Joe: “What are electrolytes? Do you even know?”

Secretary of State: “It’s what they use to make Brawndo.”

Joe: “Yeah, but why do they use them to make Brawndo?”

Secretary of Defense: “‘Cause Brawndo’s got electrolytes.”

[Script] [MP3]

I agree with Alan Johnson of the Department of Health who said “prevention is always better than cure” but the vaccination is not the only way and it is not even the best way to prevent infection. The Cancer Society has said that “the vaccines don’t prevent infection with all types of HPV” and the best form of prevention is either abstinence from sexual activity and/or a monogamous relationship with an uninfected individual. Why cant the medical authorities offer the possibility of abstinence or fidelity as a reasonable alternative to the vaccination? Why cant they even mention it in their publications? Its that “non-compliance”?

Some quotes

“Twenty girls died within a few days of receiving Gardasil, which has a similar make-up to Cervarix, although the deaths were dismissed as coincidence by the manufacturer, Merck.” Why I won’t let my girls have these cancer jabs

“This big push is making people crazy — thinking they’re bad moms if they don’t get their kids vaccinated,” Dr. Abby Lippman, McGill University, BlogDial: Sticking it to the kids

The Department of Health refused to reveal the cost of the vaccine, which it said was “commercially confidential” Telegraph

Some answers

In the USA, HPV immunization is required of immigrants seeking a green card but not of citizens. But there are some public schools pushing for mandatory vaccination for their students. Gardasil is the drug of choice. The Family Research Council has an excellent resource page on HPV with a page of questions and answers. These three questions seemed most appropriate.

Q: How is genital HPV infection associated with cervical cancer?

A: Sexually transmitted HPV has been shown to be present in virtually all cases of cervical cancer and is the leading cause of cervical cancer. High risk HPV types 16 and 18 cause 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. [Human Papillomavirus: HPV Information for Clinicians, PDF, page 1]
Q: How can a person be best protected from acquiring genital HPV?

A: Limiting sexual activity to the context of one faithful and monogamous long-term relationship with an uninfected individual is the single most effective method of preventing HPV infection.

Q: Does FRC support mandatory HPV vaccination?

A: No. We feel that a mandate infringes on the right of parents to make decisions regarding their children’s medical care. Since genital HPV is not spread by casual contact, but rather is a sexually transmitted infection, there is not sufficient public health justification to require vaccination for school attendance. It may also lead them to believe that the vaccine is the only available way to reduce the risk of cervical cancer, which is untrue.

Some links worth checking out

Pharmalot reports: A Catholic school banned the immunisation on its premises

Serious Health Concerns about the cervical cancer jab, Mail Online

Parents Refuse “Cervarix” cervical Cancer Jab, Trusted, MD

BBC article shows that Cervarix won over Gardasil in the UK.

The Times has a good article.

Vaccination of schoolgirls for HPV using Cervarix ® should be stopped. NOW

I have some questions:

Why are they jabbing our kids in the schools by anonymous medical teams when our family doctor, who we know and trust, could adminster or at least oversee the vaccinations?

Why use the schools when the school authorities are completely powerless and cant even tell us when the next jabbing will occur?

Why sign and submit a permission slip when the doctor is going to jab them anyway?

Why is the government and the NHS so insistent that everyone get jabbed with a relatively new and untested vaccine?

Has the vaccine ever been tested on young girls with Type-1 diabetes like my daughter and what were the results?

And most importantly, Are there any other parents out there who chose to “opt out”, crossed the “No” box on their consent form, and yet watched their daughter come home from school rubbing her arm?

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Peggy says:

    My blood boiled hotter with each paragraph. I hope that you take this outrageous experience to the very top. This is totally unacceptable.
    We are a non-vaccinator family, so we know about the challenges. There are some east coast states who are making it illegal to refuse immunizations. That is so scary!
    As to your daughter, I would like to suggest that (if you haven’t already) you find a good constitutional homeopath (I hope you have one there on the Island…there are so many more in the UK than in the US) and get her a dose of Thuja, which is the primary remedy for side effects to immunizations — or whatever the homeopath thinks is best for her symptoms.
    I would track that JABBING doctor down and have his license revoked! Amazing!
    Praying for your daughter…and you and Debbie!

  • tk says:

    holy cow andrew.
    i’m so sorry!!! that’s rubbish that they would treat [her] that way! and jabbing is an appropriate name for that immunization. i can’t believe they would have the audacity to jab her without YOUR and DEBBIE’s consent much less hers. i hope that you are able to get the police to do something about this- because that’s just WRONG.
    i will pray for abigail- for her safety, her health, and her heart with all that has happened. i pray the peace of christ be on you and your family despite the latest incident.

  • Makeesha says:

    oh Andrew, I’m so sorry, that’s just appalling! I’m furious on behalf of your family. Praying for full recovery and emotional healing from such an inexcusable violation.

  • kristen says:

    Good Lord, this makes me want to rip my hair out and throw heavy objects across the room. As parents, you both opted out, your daughter opted out, and under the guise of a “discussion” your daughter gets jabbed anyway. That would make me certifiably crazy. Don’t even get me started on this.
    I hope you follow up as far as you can go on this. And document EVERYTHING. Write it down and keep a complete record of everything that happened and that is happening – any requests you have made for info (especially if you never get it) your interactions, exactly what people said, their names and positions, and everything that happens to her medically.
    I can pretty much guarantee the powers that be will try to weasel out of their responsibility, whether that means they will dispute the things you say or conveniently lose their documentation. There will be a greater burden placed on your ability to prove what’s going on. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working the business side of health care (I worked in the office at a birth center for 2 1/2 years), it’s that if there is a dispute about something, everyone goes straight to the records. If you don’t have them, you’re screwed.
    So sorry this has happened to your family. I am definitely praying for all of you.

  • Joshua Jones says:

    I can’t believe this! Like many of the comments before me, I shook my head more and more as I read your posting.
    If it were me, I would request a sit down conversation with the Doctor to see what was going through his head, and than possible legal action.
    You & your family are in my prayers.

  • Tucker says:

    Thank you for sharing your family’s story and the detailed research on the topic. We have two daughters and have not been entirely against immunization, but we do have deep concerns for a number of reasons. In my opinion, the bigger issue here is with that doctor (and maybe a system) that tends to disregard the wishes of both the parents and their children. That really bothers me. My desire is that the “jabber” gets the appropriate consequences. More importantly I desire that your daughter is not adversely affected short or long term.

  • Joshua Rudd says:

    Infuriating. Heads need to roll on this one.

  • cynthia says:

    Andrew and Debbie -So sorry about your daughter – extremely violating. Glad you are drilling down. One of the categories on my blog is called “Medical Injustice” -being gracious as I have other terminology in mind. I’ve had more than my share – believe me – then you start hearing about everyone else’s major mishaps. Start drilling down and you find corrupt Big Pharma and Big chemical like Monsanto imposing their agendas at the expense of personal freedoms and committing atrocities against humanity for the bottom line. I highly recommend Mercola.com newsletter – best info RE – and meet millions of others who have suffered various forms of Pharma/ medical injustice – and yes the stories do make your blood boil.

  • Julie Garrett says:

    Go to the Police immediatly. This is Assault plain and simple. If your daughter had been assaaulted like this in the street you would have been down the police station straight away.
    Get to the Police station NOW….

  • cynthia says:

    more thoughts (always react on this topic) – loaded question:
    Why is the government and the NHS so insistent that everyone get jabbed with a relatively new and untested vaccine?
    Schools can act as a medical authority by diagnosing a kids inability to sit still (learning style) as ADHD. Parents have been arrested for abuse by refusing to administer ADHD meds (another grand scale human experiment) because of adverse reactions. Why do they want our kids (and their parents) to believe they can’t get through life w/o relying on some sort of drug. Another question: How can people buy into blatant corporate propaganda and government control?

  • cynthia says:

    more thoughts (always react on this topic) – loaded question:
    Why is the government and the NHS so insistent that everyone get jabbed with a relatively new and untested vaccine?
    Schools can act as a medical authority by diagnosing a kids inability to sit still (learning style) as ADHD. Parents have been arrested for abuse by refusing to administer ADHD meds (another grand scale human experiment) because of adverse reactions. Why do they want our kids (and their parents) to believe they can’t get through life w/o relying on some sort of drug. Another question: How can people buy into blatant corporate propaganda and government control?

  • kiwipaddy says:

    As a teacher in a scottish school this infuriates me but sadly doesn’t surprise me. the attitudes within schools towards the rights of the child and the rights of parents are continually breached and it often presents moral dilemas for me personally and professionally.
    I can only suggest the following:
    a) remove your child immediately
    b) report this as an assault in its own right
    c) keep a detailed diary of the incident while it is fresh in your mind and encourage your daughter to do the same (ask no leading questions – just ask for her response to events and her feelings about them)
    d) report the incident to the ethics committee of the health board.
    If not for your own child for others who may be facing the same situation.
    What happened was illegal: it goes against her human rights, your rights as first educators of your child and amounts to assault in an environment which should protect her and her rights, not violate them.

  • iggy says:

    I wonder if this was a case of sexual abuse or other type would the school still not be responsible? Seriously if the school did not know that this “dr” was doing this, they need to be taken to task for their own lack of responsibility for who they let “abuse” the child in their care.
    I would suggest getting legal advise right away.
    As far as “in your head”… I have diabetes also. I have been a guinea pig for many new developments. Some of the medications were not even for diabetes but for cholesterol. I took myself off of Lipator as it was causing major muscle pains. In this case I was told repeatedly that this was not a side effect… until I read the “effects” in a Readers Digest advertisement that state it was.
    Doctors do not know everything. In this case I would look to take that “dr” and school to court over their doing and allowing this to happen.
    I might add I have gone back and forth over the immunization issue. In fact after doing research I am not convince it is all that good.
    Funny thing is that in the USA a diabetic is advised to get the Flu vac… I opt out and seem to not get as sick as some. Also, people I know have had other health issues that bar them from the vaccine… yet they are told repeatedly to get vaccinated. My mother had Gillian Barre syndrome and cannot take flu vaccines, yet yearly she is told to do it… and they seem to get angry with her when she says “no”. One of my fears as she gets older is that she might not remmeber to say no and go into relapse… as GB is deadly.
    We should have a choice. But a real choice should be with the full knowledge of what is taking place or could happen.
    It would be sad to hear that many of these girls are now sterile as the drug was found to actually harm them…
    Thanks for getting this out and I am so sorry it happened to you and your family…
    My prayers are with you.

  • Mark says:

    I showed this post to my wife who is a hospital doctor. She was horrified.
    Her reaction is that this is illegal and you should definitely take it further. The only time treatment can legally be given without consent is if the patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to give consent AND the treatment is immediately necessary to save their life (note, it MUST be unable to wait – life and death – until they can give consent). Otherwise it’s assault, plain and simple.
    This is a shocking thing to have happened. Sorry to read about it.

  • Andrew,
    I am angry for you and your family. The Doctor’s actions were a violation of you and your family’s rights. I have two kids and the thought gives me chills and makes my blood boil at the same time.
    I’m praying for your daughter’s heath through all of this.

  • Peggy says:

    I say that the next JABBING in your neck of the woods needs to be accompanied by some kind of a staged protest … definitely something scary enough for Halloween, eh?
    Still praying….

  • ben's blog says:

    Vaccination horror story

    I just had our kids vaccinated yesterday – flu and other stuff, so I was interested when a post from a famous blogger about his recent experience with vaccinations came up in my reader today. A doctor in the UK gave a 13-year-old girl the HPV vaccine e…

  • Paul Roberts says:

    That’s appalling Andrew. If you were so minded, I suspect you could get a case against the doctor for assault. A complaint in writing, first to the school and then to the local PCT may be a more appropriate first course of action, however. A letter will demand a response. If you are still concerned about your daughter, you could then pass any correspondence through to a solicitor and ask advice. Hang onto any paperwork you may already have.

  • Fr. Simon says:

    Although I am sure that the vaccine itself is okay, and that your daughter will be safe, I am completely outraged at the violation of your daughter by that medic.
    To vaccinate without consent is assault, and that practitioner should be forced to be investigated by the GMC. It is a serious disciplinary offense.
    Consent is at the core of all medical interventions, and no person has the right to override the decisions of an individual, either legally (yourselves) or morally (your daughters).
    Press the matter, and take it up with firstly your health board and secondly with the GMC who have a complaints procedure. Ensure you have documented everything (although it appears you have, well done). This isn’t really negligence (although to override consent is quite negligent), but medico-legal arrogance which must be stood up to.
    Prayers and Blessings
    (who spent a lot of his life as a Registered Nurse, so takes the patient consent-thing very seriously)

  • andrew jones says:

    thanks for encouragement everyone. there is no paperwork right now because our consent form was handed in to the school and these were taken away.
    i will see tomorrow what happened to all those permission slips.
    what i am really hoping to achieve in this post, however, is to give a voice to others who might have a similar story.

  • Suzy says:

    That is absolutely appalling! I am really shocked. They have started these vaccinations in Wales too, but it hasn’t really affected me yet as my daughter is only 6. So I hadn’t put very much thought into the rights and wrongs of it. But whatever opinion I come to in the end, I would be furious if they went against my decision. It’s crazy. I hope no physical harm comes to your daughter, and that something can be done to stop this happening in future.

  • John Smulo says:

    We’ve been thinking through this with our daughter in the US. Thank you for blogging about it, and for giving more information.
    I’m very sorry to hear your daughter and family has experienced this. The person who gave her the shot needs to be held accountable.

  • linda says:

    this really is terrible. has your daughter ever had a seizure before? that is serious and i will pray for her. i think you should make a big stink about this with the press or something so other families don’t go thru this as well.

  • bea says:

    guys, i’m so sorry to hear about this. regarding the possible jab side-affects, try and get hold of a homeopathic remedy called ledum. it is a classic remedy for jabs and their side affects. as a family we have strength 30 for all our everyday remedies. if possible to talk to a homeopath then all the better but you can get ledum in boots the chemist and it will not have any side affects and will not interfere with diabetes. i’m happy to chat on phone about different ways you can take it or just go with what the packet says!
    love bea xx

  • Rich Tatum says:

    Dude, this is frustrating and enraging. I agree with others that this is a violation not only of your daughter’s rights, but your rights as parents. It’s physical abuse and an assault.
    If a stranger had jabbed your daughter with a stick-pin it would be abuse and assault. Does doing the same with an uproven vaccine with potentially fatal side-effects make it better? NO WAY!

  • becky says:

    The human side of me wants to go to that doctor and see how he likes being jabbed against his will. The Christian side of me says to pray for God’s guidance. My former social worker self says that in addition to documenting your case like crazy, keep a separate account of anyone who contacts you with a similar story and encourage them to spread the word and then report back to you. Too often these type of incidents are dismissed due to a bad doctor when in fact, there’s often an unstated policy in place. But if you can prove a pattern especially noting where this practice is most prevalent, then you can start targeting the most egregious offenders. And by all means, tip off your local media.

  • Dave Bruno says:

    Completely inexcusable. You should take action for sure!
    How horrible to have to deal with this. My prayers are with you and your family.

  • Matt Dabbs says:

    That is just terrible. I don’t like causing a stir but it is things like this that should make us want to fight.

  • andy says:

    f’in hell!
    not sure what to say but to echo simliar sentiments, especially the rudds!
    certainly is a think to think about – already got me thinking about what other families with 10-12 year old girls we know to be able to tell about this stuff.
    and from a friend who’s worked in a hospital, its not just schools that will immunise children without consent or parental permission / knowledge.
    absolutely unbelievable.
    really hope abigail gets thru it ok.

  • Emily says:

    That’s not right.

  • julie says:

    we have had this issue in that one of our twins didn’t want her last jag (as we say in this bit of scotland) so we didn’t sign the form to give consent – the doctor tried to coerce her and give her the jag and she reacted by smacking him one full in the face (an accident – she was panic stricken – then she fainted, because she always does when she sees a needle) – so that was us called to the school to say she was being excluded for the week for hitting an adult – BUT we took it to the highest authority (director of education and chair of health board) and got her exclusion expunged completely from the records – if he had jagged her we would certainly have taken him and the local nhs clinic to court for assault – it would definitely have been the best course of action for our family and for this kind of abuse in general – we would have had the full support of the education service to do so – but the whole thing was extremely hard on her and quite terrifying all round really – fight on, xxj

  • Cathryn says:

    My Jersey french is rolling off my tongue. YES i’m praying!
    I’d be more than pissed!
    xo cat

  • Ted says:

    So much for freedom of choice. Praying for you all. The Apostle Paul appealed to Rome. What are your legal options there?

  • andrew says:

    Jag? Yeah – I see jag coming up on google now. Really nice to hear from you Julie. Sorry to hear of your incident.

  • julie says:

    am putting up a good thought for you all – i didn’t say but our daughter has a serious and rare form of epilepsy, so this kind of incident really makes things very, very difficult for her at school (she has enough to manage as it is) – it was almost two years ago now, but she still talks about it in terms of trusting health and education professionals – i can appreciate how worrying this must be for you all, especially for abigail too when she has to continue to manage her condition on top of everything else – whatever you decide to do, i hope that you will know God’s peace xxj

  • This is a bit outside the normal scope of our own blog, but I posted a link just now because I think your story needs to be broadcast widely.
    I agree with those who say this is a police matter, but I think that this type of abuse of basic rights is on a scale such that a report of this should be filed with the United Nations. If this took place in some third world country, the western world would demand some kind of censure.

  • Debbie Jones says:

    Andrew’s wife here,
    Thank you everyone for your words and encouragement and wisdom on what has happened to our daughter.
    On the day,I too felt like belting the woman when it all finally sunk in. I have gotten excellent advice from some local people. On the very day of the vaccination I went out with the same group of women I normally go out with on a Tuesday, 4 school teachers, a receptionist at the local doctor’s surgery and a public health nurse. My friend who is a public health nurse gave me names to contact and even talked to a friend of hers that works in our hospital’s complaints department who I ended up giving a letter to describing what happened. The night before I brought the letters in, another friend who works as a patient advocate in social services, happened to come by and give me some great advice on how to bring the letters in. I have talked to many people in the school and the local NHS. After the initial shock wears off their faces they have been very supportive. I guess part of me thinks it wouldnt have happened if it would have been our local doctors and nurses. People we know and trust.
    She seems fine. We are hoping the seizure is just related to her diabetes, it is not normal for her diabetes but possible. If any of you know her you know she is a very amiable, agreeable girl who doesn’t like to complain about anyone. She seems to be feeling tired of talking about it and at the same time happy that mom and dad won’t put up with anyone treating her bad in any way. It seems to have done nothing to damage our relationship with our beautiful girls. Her cheeky big sister loves to comment “just bring em on” while punching one fist into the other palm.
    Thank you all. We will have some big decisions about how far to take this. Please pray for wisdom.
    I dont like to cause a big stink about things and this is the first time I have done something like this, putting in official complaints and everything. It is very hard for us. Pray for endurance.

  • paul says:

    A few points. If your daughter was jabbed against your express wishes then that is wrong and I sympathise with your outrage. Shouldn’t happen, no matter what the doctor/nurse thinks.
    However, to counterbalance the rest of your post, let me say that :
    1. the vaccination has been well tested – it’s not in “beta” testing, but was evaluated as rigorously as any other vaccination before being released publicly
    2. it has a 70% + chance of preventing cervical cancer
    3. side effects are no higher than any other routine vaccination and it is not particularly dangerous
    4. I agree it does not lead to promiscuity but the parents who say “my daughter will never do that” are naieve. Even the most well raised child can make mistakes, or even if she doesn’t, maybe her future husband might have. Denying a child protection against a terrible form of cancer for “religious reasons” seems wrong to me.
    Andrew these comments are not directed specifically against you. Once again I do not begrudge your right to make your own choice and feel that the doctor is wrong not to respect that. But I just wanted to add a little balance. I do hope you get your complaints heard relating to the violation of consent.

  • My heart breaks for you and your daughter. This is a clear violation of our basic right to ownership of our own body. My prayers are with your family and my hope is that justice will be served.

  • becky says:

    Paul – has the vaccine been tested though in children with diabetes and other health conditions? I tend to question the reliability of drug tests after hearing how some drug companies test their meds on those living in Third World countries. Along those lines, I have a friend of mine whose brother (a recovered drug addict) who now serves as a human guinea pig for drug companies – he says that a lot of his friends make their living this way. At least here in the US, a number of drugs that were once deemed “safe” are now being taken off the market.
    More importantly, I don’t know British law but even though the US laws relating to child welfare keep changing (and I haven’t kept up them that closely since I left the field in ’93), there’s no way in hell any medical professional could have pulled that kind of a move on a minor without risking at least a temporary suspension.
    Debbie – my prayers are with you and your daughter especially while Andrew is away.

  • PTD says:

    Dear Andrew
    I think the vaccination should be safe
    as a doctor I would never go against someone’s express consent wishes.
    You have every right to pursue this as far as you want.
    It is totally against The General Medical Council guidance on ethics and consent.
    May our Lord Jesus guide you and your family in this.
    Phuoc-Tan Diep

  • Peggy says:

    Thanks for sharing what actions you took. How wonderful for you to have such a caring community around you. That is a tremendous mercy.
    Count on our prayers for wisdom and discernment concerning next steps — that you will do that which is best for all parties. I am confident that we are squarely in the midst of God’s will with that focus.
    Blessings to you all and prayers for release from the trauma and healing of your precious daughter’s reactions.

  • Hi Andrew & Debbie
    Not pushing you in this direction but… in addition to you considering reporting the matter to the police, you could also speak to a lawyer and look into a civil claim for assault. In Canada, a criminal complaint would not preclude the civil action – but I cannot speak of the law in UK.
    Regarding no longer having the (non)consent form, I expect counsel would advise that such a form, if it showed consent, would merely serve as a defence to the allegation of assault (civil or criminal) – and should not be necessary to establish a lack of consent (and therefore the assault) – a verbal assertion under oath would suffice to establish non-consent at trial if the matter were in Canada (again, cannot speak to the law in the UK, but both are commonwealth…).
    And even a third-rate barrister could likely make the missing form the school authority’s or health board’s (or whoever’s)problem …
    And – my heart goes out to the three of you. Praying the Comforter is with you.

  • Peggy says:

    …interesting questionnaire being sent to the US presidential/vice presidential candidates. See the section on mandatory vaccinations.

  • Bill Yates says:

    Please go to the police Andrew, as you know government is supposed to protect us from assault. Your daughter was violated and so were you. This is way more important than a vaccine. It is deceit. Who does this doctor think they are?

  • angry man says:

    My advice… go and find the doctor or nurse or whoever did this and stab them in the arm with a syringe full of dirty dishwater. That would be my response.

  • bea says:

    hi andrew and debbie
    i know i posted earlier but one thing keeps coming to mind and i know it is obviously a deeply personal thing. thing is, i just keep thinking about how many poeple get away with child abuse (becasue they are in certain positions in the community for example) while the govenment will spend precious resources hounding individuals under false allegations of child abuse.
    i hear you that abigail wants to just get on and not have to talk about it any more but i also know what lengths will be gone to in pursuit of nailing a (potential) child abuser and that energy could be directed in the right direction this time!
    one thing i know for sure though since the last 12 months is that God does work His purposes out in His way and the most important thing is that you get on board with God’s purpose for this.
    i love you all. xx

  • Mark says:

    Sorry your parental rights were violated.
    But, this reminds me of the Polio vaccine years ago. You can find articles just like yours written back then.
    Btw, HPV can run in a male line even with monogamous partners. Men carry, but suffer little effects. HPV is a real concern.
    In the USA, it’s not done in schools, and I think there is the rub. As you said, it should be done by a family doctor who you (as parents) can speak with and share concerns.
    I hope your daughter’s seizures get better.

  • mark begemann says:

    we are sorrowful with your daughter, you, and your family. so sorry that this injustice has happened. will pray and spread the word.
    grace and peace,

  • PTD says:

    Dear Mark
    just clarifying your comment:
    “Btw, HPV can run in a male line even with monogamous partners. Men carry, but suffer little effects. HPV is a real concern.”
    from a medical point of view
    can I just point out
    HPV is human papilloma virus
    with many strains
    the vaccine covers some of those most likely to lead to cervical cancer (high risk)
    and the most common types.
    It is therefore not fool-proof.
    It is true that HPV is usually asymptomatic in men
    but men have to ‘catch’ it first,
    from sexual activity with someone who already has HPV infection, (incidently it is often asymptomatic in women also which is why we have a massive cervical screening program, of which I am part).
    Therefore for all intense and purposes
    Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease – which is a real concern as this statement is very often overlooked by people.
    God bless

  • PTD says:

    to clarify my clarifying point
    HPV is not genetic or inherited.
    for all intents and purposes
    cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease.

  • andrew jones says:

    HPV is a STD?
    Not LOL, BTW, PTD!

  • Justine Clarke says:

    1. the vaccination has been well tested – it’s not in “beta” testing, but was evaluated as rigorously as any other vaccination before being released publicly.
    WRONG. It has received virtually NONE of the testing other vaccines receive and has been accepted worldwide based on the manufacturer’s say-so.
    2. it has a 70% + chance of preventing cervical cancer.
    WRONG. Look it up for yourselves, people. Not only does it NOT prevent cervical cancer – but HPV isn’t even proven to CAUSE cervical cancer in the first place!
    3. side effects are no higher than any other routine vaccination and it is not particularly dangerous.
    WRONG. The overwhelming majority of doctors get their ONLY information about new drugs/vaccines from manufacturer SALES REPS. And manufacturers invariably educate their sales reps to repeat their mantra: “The few reactions or deaths are worth the risk to protect everyone else.” Tell that to the parents of dead and maimed children. The side effects are NOT KNOWN because the vaccine has been rolled out worldwide, but NOT been tested correctly.
    4. I agree it does not lead to promiscuity but the parents who say “my daughter will never do that” are naieve. Even the most well raised child can make mistakes, or even if she doesn’t, maybe her future husband might have. Denying a child protection against a terrible form of cancer for “religious reasons” seems wrong to me.
    Not wrong as such – but still totally irrelevant – because we know the truth. That is, that HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer, no matter how often they claim it does.

  • Jillian Wood says:

    This is a disgrace. I’m pretty angry and have just read it over to a very calm husband who has gone ballistic.
    We both hope that you will be going to your CAB and asking to talk to someone legal. Words cannot describe how indignant we both are.
    This is assault – nothing more or less. I hope that this doctor and perhaps the nurse if abetting could be proven have the book thrown at them. They should not be allowed let loose on our children or anyone else for that matter.
    I hope that you will also be contacting the press on this. E-mails to the editors of newspapers a definate to do. Programmes such as GMTV Breakfast or Good Morning on ITV 1 would also be on my list for contacting.
    I hope that your daughter is alright.
    Put us on your list for people willing to come and picket and protest on your behalf.
    Jill Wood (Solihull, West Midlands)

  • Fred says:

    Please report this Doctor to the Police for physical assault, if they know they can’t get away with it they will not do it again. Get them struck by reporting them to GMC too.
    Doctors and Nurses who give these jabs must have the fear of god put into them and you can only do this by reporting them to the police for child abuse and assault.

  • Caroline L says:

    That is an absolutely disgusting act by that doctor!!
    No means NO!
    I sincerely hope you follow this up and ensure that the doctor involved is dealt with.

  • Erwin Alber says:

    This is a tyical case of medical fascism.
    I consider it disgusting that the medical-pharmaceutical mafia is allowed to use educational premises to inject its noxious products into children. Just as education and religion are rightly separated, so should education and the cult of vaccination.
    I would sue the doctor for violating your and your daughter’s rights and for endangering her health.
    Google “Jessica Ericzon Gardasil death” to read about a 17-year-old whose mother Lisa, a hospital technician, says: “My daughter died as a guinea pig for Gardasil.”
    Also watch my youtube presentations “Vaccination: Miracle or Mayhem? Part 1 & 2”. Part 1 is about vaccine ingredients, part 2 about vaccine-injured children.

  • Scott says:

    I believe it was wrong for your daughter to have been vaccinated after you(plural)had said no.
    However, I am old enough to know people who had polio, and I was living in Taiwan in the early 1982 when there was a polio outbreak that resulted in over 1,000 cases of polio. So I am VERY glad that I was vaccinated for polio *in school* in the late 1950s.
    I am also glad that I have been vaccinated against, among others, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. Because of where I travel, I also am vaccinated against rabies. I also get the yearly flu vaccination.
    I work with humanitarian projects in various places in Asia, and have seen children and adults die from diseases that I and my children have been vaccinated against.
    I am thrilled my grandchildren will be able to be vaccinated for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, HiB, chicken pox, rotavirus, influenza, meningococcal disease and pneumonia.

  • Debbie Jones says:

    thank you for your words about the benefit of vaccines. i think the most alot of us have seen of some of these devastating diseases has been brief glimpses in movies. we have forgotten. thank you for adding your wisdom. as a family we have given all the vaccines to all of our children at the recommended time up to now.
    its just the hpv vaccine i am just not sure about. warning flags kept popping up. So, because my pre-pubescent 13 year old is completely uninterested in boys i figured i have some extra years to look and see what happens with the vaccine. i mean if i am successful in effectively communicating good morals then i can wait til she is finished with secondary (high) school (hopefully longer) then i have more than doubled the time that the trials have been going on. i mean it isnt like she is in danger of getting it by drinking water or shaking hands with someone that just blew their nose or something. what we’re talking about is a sexually transmitted disease. i am not saying i think it is a bad vaccine at this time. just why is there all this talk about getting a choice when it seems there really isnt one. i just feel like there is something wrong. and the more i look into it the worse if feel. i really dont like to push my convictions onto anyone else but i really object when other people dont respect mine. they dont have to own mine but they shouldnt just ignore them especially when it involves my kids and their safety.
    also, am i the only one or does the whole thing seem kind of sleezy (cant find a better word for it). here we have pre-pubescent girls being forced to take a vaccine for an STD in their schools, at an undisclosed time during the school day by complete strangers while they are completely removed from those they trust. i need to be really persistent to get any answers, the people that i talk to at my school dont seem to know whats going on and my family doctor is kept out of the loop.
    another thing i am thinking. if i jump out of the almost boiling water (speaking as a frog) and take a look at our world, have the morals in our world gotten so bad that we need to force a vaccine for an std on our prepubescent girls. maybe that is the real question.

  • DebbieTook says:

    Please consult a lawyer ASAP, not just for your own sakes but to prevent this ever happening again.

  • aj says:

    The Jab Blog was started up today as a place for more stories and more info.

  • anita h says:

    dude, sad but not surprising in the US a 13 year old can’t get her ears pierced with out parental consent yet can have an invasive surgical procedure (abortion) without anyone knowing. once you allow that…what’s big deal about a immunization shot.

  • suse says:

    If your daughter has never had any of the symptoms she showed AFTER receiving the vaccine- then it is highly likely that her seizures and fever were a response to this. I am so sorry for the young women of the world now exposed to this. As soon as I heard about the vaccine I felt intuitively very concerned about it.
    Here are some reflections on your questions- and NO I am not a conspiracy theorist!
    Why are they jabbing our kids in the schools by anonymous medical teams when our family doctor, who we know and trust, could adminster or at least oversee the vaccinations?
    A: Because at school you are a sitting duck- and they want to CONTROL outcomes.
    Why use the schools when the school authorities are completely powerless and cant even tell us when the next jabbing will occur?
    A: Exactly that- the school authorities are powerless so they can forge on with their own highly dubious agenda.
    Why sign and submit a permission slip when the doctor is going to jab them anyway?
    A: to give you the temporary false impression that you have any say and power.
    Why is the government and the NHS so insistent that everyone get jabbed with a relatively new and untested vaccine?
    A: There’s money in it. THe pharmaceutical companies hold a great deal of power in relation to government.
    Has the vaccine ever been tested on young girls with Type-1 diabetes like my daughter and what were the results?
    A: Highly unlikely.
    And most importantly, Are there any other parents out there who chose to “opt out”, crossed the “No” box on their consent form, and yet watched their daughter come home from school rubbing her arm?
    A: Highly likely.

  • Melody says:

    Andrew, The more I read the angrier I got.
    You need to persue this legally and criminally. Every time this happens and it is not persued, more innocent people are victimized AND the folks who want government to have control of our lives are emboldened.
    On the legal front, who authorized such an activity to take place on a school campus? A school is a place to learn ‘readin, ‘ritin an’ ‘rithmetic. Not a medical facility! Was this activity authorized by the school board? And if so, was there opportunity for public comment prior to it’s approval? Is this a government mandated program? Does anybody want the government mandating no-choice medical care?
    I know that in the US there is a push for nationalized health care and this is one of many reasons I’m dead set against it. This whole thing has the flavor of Nazi Germany to it. It’s interesting that rather than offering this service as an after school event that parents could bring children to IF they wished, it was a type of coercion from the get go.
    Why do medical professionals and educators think they know so much more about life and how it should be lived than the rest of society? And what gives them the authority to impose it on us? (I say this as a public school teacher in the US.) Here is a link to an American school trying to educate Jr. Higher’s about dirty words. http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=news/local&id=6440038
    My prayers are with you.

  • Ok, i did sit on this for a few days, to make sure it wasn’t just my knee jerk, and the fact that i’ve been in Health Care for going on 20 years now! But seriously, at least here, you need a “permission to treat”- which is sorta like that consent form- and it’s pretty serious – like if someone does NOT want to be resuscitated – or so the like, (DNR) and if someone does- there is serious repercussions – like LAWSUITS! Considering all the other factors with your daughter, what was done ……. was without proper medical history intake forms- and she above all… could be put at risk… not only was it a violation of rights, abusive in approach and flagrantly abhorrent, based upon the risks due to her health status…….. it counts as malpractice. I’m not lawsuit happy because of all i’ve seen … and my dad being a workman compensation judge.. but I would have them pay for any and all tests involved to make sure she’s ok….. as well as the emotional components ……. including follow up ……. down the road …..
    It would be a full on lawsuit in this country. I know you feel that it wasn’t the schools fault per say, but they took responsibility on that … when they sent out those consent forms- and allowed it on their premises.
    I’ll be praying…. you know that.. but if you want to speak fuller on it from that end of things.. please don’t hesitate to call.
    Love you guys like crazy!
    xo cathryn

  • hilary says:

    A horrifying story. You must ask the police to prosecute. This doctor should be reported to the GMC and have his/her licence revoked. Keep your daughter off school when the 2nd and 3rd doses are given. I hope that she recovers.
    Fortunately my daughter was not taken out of the classroom when the other girls went for her jab. But I’ve told her not to be afraid to run out of school if anyone approaches her with a needle.

  • hilary says:

    p.s. Have you contacted the press about this? I’m sure the Daily Mail/Express would be interested (the broadsheets are very pro-vaccine). Other parents should be warned that this could happen to their child.

  • andrew jones says:

    actually, they found my blog and Debbie has been answering calls from 3 of them today, all from national newspapers.
    watch out for the stories (we are one of many) on Sunday.

  • Hi Andrew
    re “watch out for the stories …on Sunday”
    For those of us not in the UK, would you post the stories or links to?
    Thank you.

  • Alan B says:

    Hello Andrew and Debbie,
    I remember [————– name edited] during the Haight St. days and I weep to hear of her treatment.
    Keep speaking out. It’s good to be able to keep track of you.

  • Just to let you know a couple of us were praying about this in the middle of the night, last night, during our church’s ’24 hours with God’.

  • andrew jones says:

    thanks. update coming.

  • + Alan says:

    Horrible – I just can’t imagine how horrified and angry I would be as a parent. I pray for your Peace. I don’t know how it is there man, but if you were in the US, you would likely be on the road to having your ministry funded for years to come. Can we say “class action law suit”? Newspapers picked it up – good.

  • Paul C says:

    Firstly I want to say my prayers for you and your family it what has been obviously a very emotional and challenging time. May you have wisdom in how you take forward any complaints etc which are clearly justified and what you have experienced is entirely and without question unacceptable. I hope your daughter is now getting better.
    In the spirit of adding to the general debate here in the comments I would like to offer some balance and declare an interest. I work for the NHS but in England.
    I think there is a tendancy to extrapolate from the particular to the general. Eg becasue in this case consent has been ignored in all cases consent will be ignored.
    The principles of immunisation are relatively simple. They are preventative and not cures after the event. They therefore work on the basis that a certain amount of a given population needs to develop resistence to whatever it is the vaccine is combating in order for there to be a public health benefit.
    The reason the cervarix jabs are done in schools is to make this more likely. The vaccinations are a course of 3 injections. All three are needed to develop resistance. Very simply school is a place where young people are. Therefore subject to consent, means firstly you are more likely to get that population coverage and secondly more likely to get the young people to complete the course of vaccinations.
    Information from all the reginal NHS agencies on HPV and vaccination can be found at http://www.immunisation.nhs.uk/Vaccines/HPV.
    From there you can see a summary from the Department of Health some training slides – background, rationale for why this product, side effects etc. http://www.immunisation.nhs.uk/files/HPV_revised_23July2008.pdf
    For the conspiracy theorist if you don’t want the NHS view cancer research also signpost http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/help/default.asp?page=16024
    There is a research base and the benefits for public health are significant.

  • Andy, the Scottish Mainland says:

    Andrew, firstly I hope your daughter does not have any more seizures and makes a full recovery. What happened to your daughter is despicable, and technically an assault, and I would have made it police matter (something it may still become because in Scotland it is not up to the victim to press charges). You are right to call this vaccination programme beta testing, for that is exactly what it is. Thanks for bringing this matter to the public’s attention.
    Paul C – your use of the herd immunity argument as justification for this vaccine to be administered at school’s is nonsense, becuase boys (who are also carriers) are not being vaccinated.

  • andrew says:

    Thanks Paul. The websites you recommended seem good. I am glad the first one is clear that HPV is an STD that is contacted sexually – because many sites I have read treat the immunisation as a cure for cancer and dont mention STDs.
    As far as local to general argument goes, there might be a pattern on a bigger scale.
    Just as our primary school in Scotland had no authority over the jabs, and our local family physicians had no authority over the jabs, so schools around the country might also be providing a seemingly insulated environment to dispense their product without any accountability except to the company that is making the product and the money and to the NHS anonymous medical teams.
    To find out, parents like us could just do what we did – ask the head teachers and school authorities if they have any control in the matter. Ours didnt, nor did they know where the permission slips had gone and they couldnt even tell us when the next immunisation was going to happen. “They find out on the day” someone said, which some conspiratists might say would be a perfect way to
    1. prevent parents from leaving their kids at home to avoid the jab
    2. prevent protesters from organising and hindering the process
    But, as you say, maybe it is an isolated case and the same thing will not happen around the country
    – thus the importance of people telling their stories

  • Becky Knight says:

    This is a bit of a different take on the situation, but I am a sexuality educator in the US and I facilitate a support group for individuals with HSV (herpes) and HPV. It can be a devastating diagnosis to people. Perhaps it’s no surprise that those infected are usually vocal supporters of the vaccination. However, as you point out, it does not come without risk.

  • andrew says:

    Becky, interesting.
    Are those people also vocal supporters of monogamous relationships as a way to prevent HPV?

  • Glenn says:

    I’d like to offer my concordance of sympathy others have already expressed. The issue now is two-fold for you; a) how are your concerns (and that of your daughter) going to be eased now that she has received the ‘jab’; and b) although you have not asked for it, your’s and your daughter’s experience places you in a duty-bound situation to pursue the matter through the police and courts.
    I am sure the experience visited upon your daughter will not be a isolated incident, and thus it is absolutely essential that you take matters further.
    As guardians for your daughter’s body and mind until she reaches a level of maturity for her to stand on her own decisions, you must not prevaricate on this ‘assualt’ upon her ‘body’ and her ‘rights’. Otherwise, the assualt will continue upon the daughters of other parents.

  • chocaholicdoc says:

    It’s very interesting to hear parents talking about Cervarix as an HPV vaccine when the powers-that-be wanted us as professional only to talk about the “anti-cancer” vaccine.
    And, yes I will vaccinate my daughters. Now, whether we should use Cervarix or Gardasil…. and we should be vaccinated boys too…..Don’t get me started on those arguments.
    For the record, it’s more normal to have HPV than not to have it and how exactly would you tell that you were in a “monogamous relationship with an uninfected individual” given that most of us have it and there’s no symptoms or test for HPV? I would urge you to not be complacent regarding the sexual health of your children – you have a responsibility to help protect those members of the population who cannot have the vaccine for whatever reason.

  • paul c says:

    Andy – re the vaccinating boys argument, the Joint Committtee of Vccination and Immunisation (an independant advisory committee) advised that the benefits for boys were less and therefore it wasn’t cost effective. Infections in boys could be lessened by the herd immunity of girls for whom the benefits of immunisation were greater.
    Andrew – I agree with what you say. It is important for people to tell their stories and I’m grateful that you are. I hope in other people (the press) taking up your story it remains authentic to you and you don’t become a pawn in someone elses game.

  • Andrew, first a warning. You will find NOTHING of meaningful nature, or of worth to the read discussion by considering anything that Paul from the NHS has to say.
    Like all vaccine defenders, he believes he is right.
    HPV is not ONLY an STD. You will find large numbers of babies and children who contract the HPV types in both vaccines well before adolescence.
    Don’t believe me. Go to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez
    and once the Pubmed comes up, put in these PMID numbers.
    Read the abstracts, and if necessary get the articles. Some are free. You will be shocked at what Paul and others have NOT told you. It is crucial information that you have not been told.
    • PMID: 12791874
    PMID: 16288396
    PMID: 13679205
    PMID: 11174573
    PMID: 17133162
    PMID: 8623809
    PMID: 12002819
    PMID: 8551271
    Then, if you want to know more, go to the Resource section of http://www.beyondconformity.co.nz/resources and follow all the links there, and research the HPV issue thoroughly for yourself.
    If the disrespect which the medical profession has shown you and your daughter, (which happens all the time in this country as should be even more angry when you have completed the Gardasil tutorial.
    The primary question in your mind should then be: “Why are we, as parents, not told this?”

  • Paul C. I am sure you are genuine in your expressions of regret to Andrew, but with respect, is the problem that you only know the facts which others in the NHS have put in front of you?
    Have you analysed and read thoroughly, these documents?
    http://www.fda.gov/cber/minutes/0910evolv.txt .
    In particular, pages 84 through to about 103.
    and for interest, this? http://www.americanprogress.org/kf/hpv_event_transcript.pdf.
    In hpvmer060806 have you done the sums on the key charts? have you worked out which sums Merck missed out, but which were picked up in the NEMJ articles last year?(Sawaya, G.F. 2007. “HPV vaccination – more answers, more questions.” N Engl J Med, 356(19): 1991–3, May 10. No abstract available. PMID: 17494933. http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/356/19/1991)
    Have you wondered WHY Merck missed them out?
    If the 15 key endpoints charts (and I’m not telling you which they all are) don’t ring warning question both your maths and epidemiology thinking.
    You say this vaccine has the potential to prevent 70% of all cervical cancer. I don’t believe it. Table 285 proves that. But there are a lot more indicators in hpvmer060806 which makes most thinking doctors I know, worried sick about this vaccine.
    And I realise that even if you did have some concerns, you aren’t allowed to voice them, because your job is to follow policy, no matter what.

  • a doctor writes.... says:

    Three points.
    1) The violation of your rights its deplorable, illegal and you should take legal advice, or at least alert the national press.
    2) Your article is reduced in its force by mixing up your human rights violation with medical/scientific discussions which contain several questionable assertions and a few errors. The mixing of these two issues sadly muddies the waters, when the clear-cut violation of your rights needs to be addressed.
    3)If you wrote a piece purely on the issue of medical consent, you could gather wide support.
    A Scottish GP

  • This is outrageous – surely this is not just a violation of a patient’s and their parents rights – but actually assault.
    I hope your daughter has not suffered any side effects.

  • andrew says:

    so update:
    the story ran in at least 4 sunday papers last weekend. Front page on this one link
    we met with people from the health board yesterday and the complaints person. They hope to have their investigation completed this week and a statement to be issued soon.
    Apparently, we were told yesterday, the law is not clear, and is it may be different than England, but it seems that parental consent can be ignored even for a 13 year old in Scotland, if they wish it.
    Of course, our daughter did not knowingly consent so our case is a bit different. But it will be interesting to see how this comes out.

  • andrew says:

    dear doctor, i would be glad to have you point out the errors and offer some links to more factual information. I am also trying to get the right facts.
    and that goes for the other doctors who have been reading and commenting, but not suggesting the facts are wrong.

  • Ms. T says:

    I am so sorry to hear of this situation. I have a friend that had a 16 yr old daughter who was not sexually active nor did she intend to be. They gave her all three of the HPV vaccines without telling her mother about any adverse side effects (and there are many serious side effects). Within a month, the girl started having major medical problems that she has never had before. She ended up being medivac’d to Chilren’s Hospital in New Orleans where it was found that she was in renal failure (kidney failure). I have searched the web for info about Gardasil and there are a few cases of kidney failure. She also had many of the other side effects…hands and feet tingling and turning blue, high blood pressure, stange feeling in her head, ect. She ended up receiving a kidney from her mother. The transplant went great. Then one of the most pronounced side effects of Gardasil killed her…blood clots. She threw 2 clots several days after the transplant…which she was doing fine. Up walking and getting back to normal then just like that, she threw 2 clots that hit her lungs. She died. It is devastating to say the least. This vaccine is still in the trial stage until sometime in 2009!!!! Even one fo the scientist that helped develope the vaccine says it is too soon to make it mandatory and should be followed much closer since they DO NOT KNOW THE EFFECTS, WHETHER IT WORKS, OR WHAT THE DAMAGES ARE!!!! That’s all I needed to know. Research these vaccines because most are not worth the risk. Thanks for sharing your story. I will be praying that your daughter is ok and has not long term effects. Knowledge is power!!!
    Ms. T (USA)

  • Jason Fournier says:

    I realize that this blog is a bit older but I stumbled across it and thought I would leave my comment on these events. First, giving anybody a HSV “jab” is certainly unethical to say the least and at most it is illegal and in my opinion, legal advice should be looked into. Secondly these events are reminiscent on the birth control pill trials that took place during the development of the drug. In one of my University classes we discussed and found that the first clinical trials of “the pill” were conducted in Puerto Rico and Haiti without the knowledge or consent of the people of that community (reference at the end of the post). I certainly hope that your daughter and all of the other children who received the vaccine are doing well and safe.

  • STOP THE VAX says:

    Vaccines are POISON. The only one[s] who benefit from vaccines are PHARMACEUTICALS. Lots of Vitamin D will protect you from the flu and many other diseases. DON’T be fooled by paid off media hype. STOP the sickening assault on humanity.

  • As a parent who has chosen to delay/pass on vaccinations, I know what a hard time you can get from medical professionals. But to be ignored and violated so boldly…unbelievable! I am so sorry that your family had to go through this. Praying for relief from her side effects and for proper repercussions for those responsible!

  • Greg says:

    what a load of nonsense. Read the scientific literature before you start writing stuff like this.. you should be ashamed of your ignorance…

  • Andrew says:

    Greg, did you actually read what I wrote about my own daughter having an adverse reaction and episode? Or are you part of the Big Pharm payroll? Please declare your allegiance and comment again?

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