Emerge-ed and The Great Emergence

The Great Emergence?

Phyllis Tickle talking about The Great Emergence in this interview with Read the Spirit. You may want to read my early review of her excellent book. Phyllis is still using that term “emerging” but in a wider sense, historically and geographically, as many of us have been doing. In her interview, she finds it in her tender Tennessee heart to give a mention of this teeny tiny lil’ ol’ blog:

PHYLLIS: “The Internet is such a mass of information that it’s an impossible task. If you’re going to cover religion now, I think you’re going to do it in formats like the Faithful Reader or Tall Skinny Kiwi or, of course, ReadTheSpirit.”

Emerge-ed already???

Check out Brother Maynard’s “Emerge-ed” that was just post-ed on Subversive Influence. Good post and a nice summary of whats going on with the name.

Mikemyers Hellolarge


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Eric says:

    As always good stuff Andrew. And I LOVE that you used a pic from one of my all time favorite movies: So I Married An Axe Murder! Can anyone say “cup-o-chino!?”

  • Noah says:

    I just commented over at Brother Maynard’s. I would love to hear what you think

  • andrew jones says:

    read it, noah. my response is that we will keep on doing what we have been doing these past 20 years and we will ask people who want to name it something to come out and see what we are doing and then give it a description.

  • Jeff Goins says:

    Interesting. I like what Rob Bell said about the label “emerging” in a recent interview. He doesn’t want to subscribe to anything that makes people feel “in” or “out.” If we can all get together at the Lord’s table and eat the bread and drink the cup in good conscience, then can we stick with that? Obviously, there are a lot of provocative “conversations” going on lately, which is a good thing, but one can feel so caught up in the limitations of labels that they find themselves signing up for a new brand of Phariseeism. That would, of course, be the extreme, but I confess that there are times when I lament, “I don’t think I’m cool enough to be a Christian these days…”

  • Jeff Goins says:

    great pic from “So I married an Axe Murdered,” by the way

  • guess i’ve been angst about what we would call……. what we do… in this cosmic neighborhood of sorts….. i’d like to go back to Organic but seems – that has sorta been over-used.. – We’ve been thinking on just call’in it Table Time……. cuz it encompasses the “dinner table” and the “body work table” where i do that physical stuff…….. that’s been perking in my spirit over the last year now………… but there is another frame too…. (sorry won’t post it on the blog) but will send ya the thought.
    IKE that hurricane is heading directly for us….. but pending a update post on what we’ve been up to…. perhaps after i get the extra water, batteries, and gas for the small generator that we have….. (thanks to 3 ice storms in NC)-
    Hey, i know my blog is a bit random……. and not all the “be could” – but thanks for keeping up with it…. more so thanks for the friendship in the Spirit all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dunno… i’ve always liked emerging church….. but i guess – think…… and ponder……… if it’s more “marrow’s moment”- i wrote a poem on that – years ago… Marrow being the stuff that is the root of blood… in the center of bone………. or even PULSE church……….. beating His heart….. lot’s of names… or rough frames……. even thought of Fragrant Church….. cuz all i really want is for those to catch His scent……….. like the smell of fresh rain….. or even the smell before the scandalon storm……………. may be it’s just Authentic Priesthood……………. with all the twists and turns……….of Identity in HIM forming……..
    i forget who first wrote it…. perhaps Merton.. but it was…..
    “this becoming is hard work”………..
    so how about Becoming Church?
    xo cathryn

  • i’m thinking now it was Tillech? that said it………

  • ron cole says:

    Andrew, I love Phyllis Tickle’s wide sweeping description ” emerging.” Sadly the conversation evolved into what people most tried to avoid. It became a pretty sticky label, in which a lot of stuff stuck which shouldn’t have. It’s my prayer, that the wide open gracious imaginative conversation would be rekindled with the redemptive imagination of Jesus and his Kingdom. Pax, Ron Cole+

  • Emergent-less conversations

    Brother Maynard has a post up, ” Emerge-ed ?”, about how folks are distancing themselves from the label/brand ” Emergent “. It’s a good read, with various people like Andrew Jones, Scot McKnight, Bob Hyatt, and Grace weighing in raising some good points.

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