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OOPS! This site I was talking about [below] took me by surprise and I thought a mindless political blogger was using my feed in a blasphemous manner. This is not the case. Sorry. I should have taken the time to actually read the blog in question and also I failed to extend grace and love in a forward manner [loves believes all things] and so I APOLOGIZE for MY bad manners and for jumping to conclusions. Read the comments for more info.

Original post with strikethrough:

There are a lot of websites out there that take my feed and stream it on their site WITH A LINK to my site and A NAME so people know I wrote it. Thats fine. I am honored.

However, this political aggregating site called The English Parliment has broken those rules. They do NOT have my permission to repost my blogs and I do NOT support their cause. Let it be known publicly that I object to their inclusion of my posts, in the manner they have suggested, and I request they cease using my feed for their blog immediately. [recanted, strikethrough added Sep 22] Otherwise I will be forced to TAUNT them, and most severely, in a way that only a Kiwi could do!. Thank you.

Andrew Jones, Sep 21, 2008

Gosh . . . its just plain RUDE . . . isn’t it?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Joe Kennedy says:

    Yes, it is rude. I hope he does as he says on his blog and removes your feed.

  • Cobus says:

    there seem to be an original article link back hewe now, as well as one reading “Feed: Tall Skinny Kiwi”. Although the post is still marked with Anonymous.

  • Matthew Neal says:

    What is the method of Kiwi taunting? It may come in handy someday.

  • could i might so gingerly suggest that a bit of JERSEY might be helpful in such a quest…. ( you can ask Derek on my Jersey)- however since i grew up in “soprano” headquarters – there is a handy term such as “whacked” – that is just this little mild connotation – referring to certain “situations” that result in the Jimmy Hoffa of resolutions.—— ok, ok…. so that might not be so Holy. but the end result is “an offer” they might not want to refuse.-
    Ok, i’m gonna repent now…. but as a Judges Daughter X’s 2- i will whole heartedly agree with the “cease and desist order” – hence forth……… gavel goes down…….
    so i agree what is the kiwi “taunt”…….. somehow that makes me chuckle a bit…….. in that way that they don’t know if the Junk yard dog has been starved into a good fight……….
    yeah, well on a Holy note, might want to consider the “Hot Coals” as a redemptive strategy !!!!!
    LOL…. don’t take me tooooo seriously, my sword is held for bigger issues than a retort…… though it could use the honing.

  • OK- so my initial response was just being playful– in a JERSEY sorta way, but then i read that link…….. holy @#*!
    That read like a Monty Python by-liner – seriously No Joke! Sorta like- Python-ish……….. “this is not to say, this is by no means to imply.. tis not to be construed”– I about fell out laughing on the redundancy factor………. where the heck is William Wallace or Smith Wigglesworth for that matter! Ok, i’ll get my wits about me… or at least in general proximity—— i gotta ask “whooot’s that about”???
    Glad my blog ain’t got that level of visibility. Sheesh! I know i told ya – on a prophetic space that you were gonna be “seen”- but hands down ………… that kinda takes the cake……and a few crumbs with it.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hmm, I’d have said it was a fake blog set up to reap advertising revenue, except that it doesn’t have any ads on it… mysterious.

  • Adam Baxter says:

    Whilst it may seem rude and I hope they honour their commitment to remove feeds that the owner objects to having included, it does seem they are acting within your chosen and published CC license.
    By linking back to your blog as the original item (on the example you’ve shown), I assume, that could be counted as attribution. They do not appear to be a commericial organisation. They are just sharing within “copy, distribute and transmit the work” without alteration.
    This is, of course, a personal opinion as I’m not qualified to give a legal opinion – but it is how I would interpret the CC license.

  • andrew says:

    thanks adam. you might be correct, and they might be within the limits of copyleft law, even though the link back to me is really hard to see, and the link saying “original” goes back to their site and not mine.
    although its a bit insulting to see my name as “Anonymous” on the post, as if i am a non-person.
    more a matter of the spirit of the law than the letter of the law . . . i guess.

  • Parlemont Of Oz says:

    And did Truth in this current time, Walk upon the piles and piles of Kiwi blog green ?
    And was the Holy Lamb of God, ever discussed mentioned revered or even seen ?
    And did the Countenance Divine, Shine and blog forth upon our witzy ditzy web site here ?
    And will Jerusalem be builded here, Amongst this meandering blog’s bright but boggy tier?
    Bring me my Bow of burning gold; Bring me my Arrows of desire:
    Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold: Bring me my Chariot of fire!
    I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
    Till we have convinced the height enabled though fat deficient kiwi that Jesus Christ is the true reason for font to grace this site, In England’s green and all other pleasant Lands.
    A challenge
    A rally
    A call to arms
    A cry for decency in the fold
    Where is the upholder for the Lord on this page?
    Who will speak for the Lord?
    Why is there no plea for the lost?
    Has the heart that once burned for the lost cooled?
    My desire is for their salvation he once cried!
    Have the goads of shame long ceased to bite?
    What parts of the Word have you ceased to believe.
    How close are you to following Charles Templeton.
    Do you hear the Lord?
    Do you listen?
    He speaks
    He waits
    He is patience.
    But do consider
    Times are changing
    The air we breathe is changing
    The Ice caps melt
    Temperature rises
    Men debate its cause
    Does higher temp make CO2
    Does CO2 make higher temp
    Is it CO2
    Is it the Sun
    Is it man
    Yes it man
    But not his CO2
    Man builds an LHC to defend his non belief
    Will it harm the world
    Will it prove dark matter’s existance
    Will it prove dark energie’s existance
    Will it prove anti matter’s existance
    Will it prove big bang ever happened
    Will it ever work
    It will prove nothing
    It may not provoke the Lord to show His hand
    As did the tower of babel
    Finances look dodgy
    Banks crash and Wall street dives
    Government steps in and gives a pause
    Is the world going actually changing faster?
    The Lord may return tomorrow
    Feed Youself on the Word!

  • andrew says:

    oh my gosh . . .
    we have a poet
    a thinker
    a blogger
    a prophet-geek
    of extra-ordinary mental capacity
    and keen burning fire
    media-ated ability
    who pushes the boundaries
    of complexity
    with layer upon layer upon layer upon layer
    of interesting posts
    in a world of boring blogs
    standing out
    as someone different
    and i
    falsely assuming i was
    spammed by a machine
    a mere robotic
    sucking my feeds to drive a political fight
    and repentant
    for i did not realize i was in the presence of
    and did not actually give enough
    to read the blog in question
    ask forgiveness
    frantically splaying my keyboard with ashes
    and wrapping sackcloth around my Mac
    and hereby extend permission
    to this
    to use my feed
    on their blog
    even though i cannot fully navigate the complexities
    that confront me
    and even though i might regret it
    one day
    i say “blog on”
    and be fed from my keyboard
    at least
    i recant

  • Parlemont Of Oz says:

    Peace to you too. in fact Peace all over you. Remove those rags from your head.
    Take a hoover to your Pinatubo afflicted keyboard and get up off the floor.
    Reserve your prostrations for the Lord and Him alone.
    I have nothing to do with site The English Parliament authored by one Parabiodox whoever that may represent.
    The claimed prime directive of The English Parliament is to make the idea of an English Parliament popular.
    Furthermore the Parabiodox entity has recanted and has removed the offending URL and is apologetic to you. Please read the full detail at Apology avoiding the rudy photoshopped pictures of Sarah Palin not that this is one of them
    A good blog to be found there is What is the West Without Religion? the shape of the world today.
    Do not recant to much just quote a bit more of the Good Word is all I am saying.

  • andrew says:

    ahh. i see.
    i reserve my prostrations
    since you are but a man and not a god
    lest worms devour you
    and i thank your for your report.

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