Family stuff

Abigail turned 13 yesterday. We restored a bike for her. Almost finished it. She has a paper round and is the third of our kids to get a part time job – Sam and Elizabeth are both working at local restaurants.

Debbie and I are away for the weekend. Good friends of ours, Caroline Agius (UK) and John Cienki (USA), are getting married in Chichester and we are going down for the wedding. In fact, I am marrying them, although it will be a wedding blessing and not a legal marriage ceremony, since they are going to USA for that immediately after.

Jenna White is still with us and watching the family over the weekend.


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  • Happy birthday Abigail – woo-hoo! Hope you’ve had a fun day and that this year is a cool one of discovery and learning – 13 is a great age to be!

  • OK you know we’re standing in spirit……… and they come back here to land in Austin….. so we’re trying to get some things in order.. to make the living space special….. _ keep us in prayer.. there here for a month i think… while they are looking for a space in Austin area…… so … house will be full. (praying spiritual ear plugs on a few levels.) PG-13 version……….
    give them both a hug and kiss for phil and i ……
    and kiss Tamsin and the crew for me –
    love ya bro!!!
    xoxo cat

  • Oh WOW PLEASE.. tell Abigail I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    And its really cool that you guys will be there to bless this wedding.
    PS. We are headed back to Texas in 2 weeks to take over a family farm!!!
    Just in case you wondered what ever became of us!
    Love you Andrew……Peace

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