Berry on Bentley

Mark Berry has thoughts on the latest from Florida and the Todd Bentley scandal. He quotes Peter Wagner. Worth a read.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Wow… just keeps getting deeper… where is the shovel- I’m not saying that i’m surprised, to be quite honest, i’ve watched some of the stuff, and while i like Wigglesworth- and do think God can ask us to do some strange things, there were a few clips that made me cringe. – when Bentley kneed that guy with pancreatic cancer- directly in the stomach… my alarm bells went off… – i do question some of the showmanship side of things, and had this overwhelming sense that things had gotten way outta hand. Kept hearing the word “grandiose”.
    But on another note, when i read what Peter Wagner wrote, i also cringed –
    “Closer to the Lakeland I situation, I have a private list of no fewer than 18 high-profile Christian leaders starting from the 1970s until Bentley for whom I took risks. For each one of them I took serious criticisms and in some cases personal hits even much more serious than I have received in this current case because I endorsed or partnered with or provided alignment for them. Some were typified as “crazy!” However, I can pretty much discern winners, although not always. My track record for the 18 is 72% emerged as real winners (you would know most of them), 17% ended up losers (including Bentley), and 11% indecisive. I’m sorry for the losers, but they prove I am not perfect. The point I am making is that I am no stranger to taking risks and living with the fallout”-
    Ok, so i understand a bit of why he’s making a comparison and tract record, and risk taking… yeah i get that … (done it too! cuz i think we’re supposed to believe the best in each other, Christ in each other and pray His Highest and fullest potential! I’ve seen it go both ways in my own life, — but to boil it down to “winners and LOSERS”- i just have a hard time with that type of category – it sounds heartless.
    So now we have people referring to brothers and sisters in Christ, with words like “slackers” & “losers”- great, just what we need…
    my heart is just sad in all of this… Lord, have mercy. Lord, help. Your children need you…. amen.

  • Jason_73 says:

    I think it is all a lot more complicated than what we would like to believe or will believe. It’s really messy right now, and I think we shouldn’t be as afraid of that as we are. It makes us look less than perfect… Is that such a bad thing?

  • leatherwing says:

    I appreciate the desire and effort to show grace to a brother or sister that stumbles. But I don’t see that as the case here. Bentley physically assaulted people in the name of our Savior. And he was lauded for it, and held up as a (co?)leader of a movement.
    I only saw two youtube videos of Bentley. I didn’t need any more to believe that he was not acting as a man of God. Now, after reading of his inappropriate behavior that has been revealed, I feel my assessment was confirmed. The next time I see an evangelist punch someone on stage, I won’t feel the need to withhold judgment.
    God has given us his spirit to discern. Isn’t it appropriate for us to condemn this type of behavior before we see all the fruit of his behavior? I am asking sincerely. Paul confronted Peter about his behavior. Why is the church so afraid of scriptural rebuke? (And I mean rebuke done gently, rebuking the behavior while guiding the person to restoration.)

  • Rickard says:

    This whole thing is so sad.

  • Helen says:

    Yes, it was worth the read. In today’s world of instant and visual lives, there’s no-where to hide is there? YouTube has it all documented in blurry technicolour. The whole system of man gratification and celebrity christianity leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Time to spit it out.

  • Frances Roebuck says:

    Yep …good … can I put this to my Facebook for others to read?
    Frances (of Rousay … but in Wrexham this month with family… )
    PS Are you and Debbie facebook folk? … it is my internet concregation! bit difficult been part of a local church … but have a network of christian friends around the world like yourselves(well one is Jamacian in US!) … and I can cope with me island hoping for NHS Orkney

  • andrew says:

    i am – tallskinnykiwi on facebook

  • BD says:

    I put up interviews with Roger at BDBO, the man kneed in the stomach Andrew mentions
    Both an AOG pastor in Australia and I have been concerned about him and wrote him recently to see how he is doing.
    He hasn’t responded, I’m concerned. I asked if anyone in California could get in touch with him to see if his treatment has helped put him in remission, but I got no response from Christians in California.
    I don’t think Roger is okay.
    Andrew if you know someone trustworthy in the state that can afford to make a call to Roger, please let me know.

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