Blog World Expo 2008 – I am going!

Blog World Expo is the worlds largest Blogging conference. There will be about 2000 people there in Las Vegas, Sep 20-21 and I will be one of them because i am speaking at GodblogCon 2008, a smaller conference inside the larger that i will tell you more about in a few days. But since I was going to be there anyway, i also inquired about speaking at BlogWorldExpo as well as Godblogcon. Today is the last day for speakers applications and I sent my one in yesterday. I suggested a talk on the history of a decade of religious blogging and where it is headed, something similar to what i taught at Greenbelt Arts Festival. Lets see what they say.

Blog World Expo 2008 Las Vegas

Hey – if you are considering attending GodblogCon and BlogWorldExpo, please buy your ticket through me because I will get ten percent commission and that will help me pay for my Gospel Brunch on Sunday. Just wait a few days for me to get my affiliate program worked out. THANKS!. Watch this space.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Cobus says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this, since I’m still trying to get an idea on which angle I’ll take at the conference we’ve talked about.

  • Ummmmmmm hop it over to Austin!!!!! You still haven’t had Phil’s infamous biscuts and gravy!!! yeah i’m up reading blogs… yours is still my fav! you blogger mister! shalom- dude!

  • Pete says:

    Just saw that ‘Still at the margins’ was released in April there …. I know a guy like you would probably already know that but hey thought it might be useful for you to know. I saw it was 60 noop so i think my fiance would kill me for spending that.
    I have been following ur blog for a few months and not I have got a few questions for you if you would be so kind as to answer them! I mean what else do you have to do!! (Joke!)
    Im starting as a Youth Pastor in a progressive church in Northern Ireland in August. I have a Theo degree and 4-5 years experience in youth work(im setting the scene for you here not bein pious) My new pastor has basically given me a blank sheet to work from. So i know the cultural context of the young people and meeting them where they are at is essential. Take it that im a sound guy who dreams big, loves the church, is guided by the Spirit and is burdened with the need to be church to the people I meet and thus endeavour to reinvent it, not on my own but in community.
    What books would you recommend I read in the months before I start??(im thinking on both servant leadership and emerging things) … am currently reading ‘why im not emergent’ to gain another perspective.
    Also ….. I don’t take the time to blog …. Im working in full time youth ministry and wedding preparations etc are on top of me but I have museings of my own that I would like others to read …. what or where would be my best outlets for others to see these? Dont say bloggin lol!!
    Cheers dude

  • andrew says:

    Pete, i will give some thought to your questions – having been a youth pastor and outreach pastor for churches in usa and australia when i was (probably) your age.
    first impressions thought – read some good books on mission. plenty of them out there. the emerging church is first of all a missional church, and we are basically doing church in a post-Christian, post-modern environment so mission books will help you to start thinking right – like a missionary – in your own culture.
    secondly, find some good books and blogs written by your own people first, see what the church in your area says about these things before you pick up a book from across the world in a context that is probably very different from your own.
    thirdly, start life steaming, in whatever form. you might already journal your spiritual life. if computers are not your bag, why not start to twitter on your phone or QIK video from your phone, or do something you enjoy to publish glad tidings. doesnt have to be a blog

  • Pete says:

    cheers for the thoughts Andrew
    Having been reading a few (american based) books and seen a lot of people copy what is happening there (to our detriment) cheers for reaffirming to me about cultural context. It had been frustrating that the majority of books we have are from our neighbours across the pond. I mean it’s a different world … Living in Northern Ireland we have the aftermath of ‘the troubles’ to contend with …. but similarities of religious people doing religious things for religious reasons resonates the world over
    I sure do journal to keep a record and to look back and see different forms of progress etc…. I love doing it and it stimulates my interest to simply keep doing it.
    Il let you know how Im getting on when I start in the summer in my new post …
    Oh and im 23 …..
    Have a good day …. go have a cuppe cha from those lovely looking mugs!
    thanks again

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