June banner is from . . .

Like the banner for June? Its pottery my wife just made and is selling at the Sorting Room. The image above is from two of her bowls.The name of her business is Gone2Pot. I need to put up a website for her pretty soon. Her best selling items are “comfort mugs” which are thicker and do not have a handle so they keep you warm on a blustery winters night.


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  • Love the name!!!!! Sweet! It would be cool to do communion cups for each of this crazy tribe- let me know what that might cost… could do it for christmas gifts this year… would love to have some of your sweeties stuff and bless what she’s doing.
    love and stuff

  • actually, debbie has made (at my request) a two handled quaich which is perfect for communion in scotland. must show you sometime.

  • You guys and ceramics make a great combination of some of my best memories! Ahhh!
    That and a Debbie-made mug of hot coffee in my hands and this coffee-lover on the other side of the pond would be in heaven!
    Let me know when they would be available for order.
    Grace and Peace!

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