CCM – The Future of Contemporary Christian Music

“All the younger artists signed to Christian labels within the last 10 years or less will struggle to understand where they fit—if they fit at all anymore.”

“Another whole group of “ccm” era survivors will continue to move country music forward with great success”

“The Tooth & Nail tribe of artists will continue on. It’s about touring and live music. T&N had that right from the beginning—here’s a van and an atlas—see ya.”

Bloggable memes from Charlie Peacock as he lays out the future of CCM. HT: Addison Road.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • michael lee says:

    hmmmm … I appreciate the link, but I don’t think we have anyone named Steve hanging out at Addison Road.
    Great article by Charlie. He was just out in LA as part of a university speaking tour, and shared many of these same ideas with our students.

  • andrew says:

    ahhhh. Michael. sorrry. that was before my coffee. corrected now.
    yes. FANTASTIC article. was that really the final CCM magazine?

  • michael lee says:

    It’s the final print edition. The magazine is going online for all future editions, which makes sense.
    I think it’s a bit brave of CCM mag to publish the piece. They are owned by Salem Communications, which owns 90% of the Christian radio stations in the US, they also own the CCM countdown, several other media outlets that are all geared toward CCM. The magazine published a piece that basically trumpets the doom of their parent company.

  • Mike Lane says:

    The death of CCM will go as unnoticed by secular society as it was at it’s most successful hour. Newsboys may be Australia’s biggest music export of the last 15 years but the average Aussie hasn’t a clue who they are and this is unlikely to change. Unnoticed also, will be these projections, by the guys who should take notice: the gatekeepers of the CCM machine itself. I hope they do go quietly, and quickly. That way the industry may finally get into the hands of those who are best placed to move it forward: the artists themselves. Those who court the mainstream with their special brand of spiritual double-entendre (is she singing about her boyfriend or Jesus?) will have to sink or swim in the real world and the worship artist will be more local and grass-roots (i hope) with a closer connection to the apostolic, prophetic and theological requirements of the local body. They will need to be hearing and responding to God’s voice, (not that of a remote executive) or they won’t last.

  • andrew says:

    thanks mike [thats mike from RiverTribe]
    i wonder what other industries alongside music are moving in the same direction?

  • Alex Stone says:

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