World Changers – 5 week course

Did you know I watched “Amazing Grace” at the East India Docks in London? Best place to watch it. Really.


BookBob Beltz of Walden Media tells me the World Changers Resource website is now up and a resource kit is offered. Well done! Some of us were hoping for an earlier launch – like – to coincide with the Amazing Grace movie, but at least the Calvary finally came. And its not too late at all to start a 5 week course for a small group journey into what it means to bring transformation to your world in the way William Wilberforce did 200 years ago. Chuck Colson (here on TSK last month) writes a hearty recommendation for the WorldChangers course. [MP3 broadcast here]

Anyway, if you cant afford the whole kit, just buy the book “World Changers Live To Serve” – its got the 5 week small group discussion guide in it.

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  • TSK,
    I’ve been an occasional lurker on your blog for a year or so, and I just want to say thanks for introducing me to a much wider reality concerning the Kingdom.

  • shouldn’t that banner read, “what began as a movement, was made into a movie, and now can be some other movement?”

  • yeah. good point. and the movie was only one project out of many. fact is, many of us started up projects dealing with justice and stopping human trafficking long before we realized Walden Media was making a movie. And for them, its also a lot more than the movie, which is why they are still encouraging justice and transformation.

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