In Perth, Western Australia


Back in Perth on the Sunset Coast after many years. Really nice city. Wicked sunset last night. Today I went for a swim and body surf. Like many people fortunate enough to be born in New Zealand, I might roam the earth, living out the Kiwi mission of being salt and light to a boring and dark world but wherever I roam, I still call Australia home!


The meeting last night went well. Geoff Westlake and I talked about the global emerging church movement and Perth’s role. These guys came up from Waroona, a town 150kms away and smaller than my town in Orkney. Hope it was worth it. Geoff will pay for your petrol if it was disappointing.

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The dreadful Jarrod McKenna couldn’t stay long so we are meeting this arvo for coffee. He describes himself as a “recovering consumer, peace preaching eco-evangelist, larrikin seditionist & one day want-a-be permaculturalist.”

After the meeting last night I turned up at the mens meeting at Graham Blick’s house and gave them all a hard time. Some of them remember me from my time as a pastor at North Beach Baptist. The Blicks have been supporting us in our Aussie trip with wheels, administration [thanks Jules] red wine, echanatua tea . . . Echanatia [had to look it up], and Fluer’s famous Testimony Bread that has led to the spiritual transformation of many people. Must tell you that story one day. but for now, thanks for your hospitality. I have been BLICKED!

Then off to coffee with my brother in law Bruce Stuart who is now team leader at Warwick Church of Christ. You might remember him from when we were all living in Prague and from the old blog “A Table in the Wilderness” which is no longer current. [Come on Bruce! Don’t hide your gift, mate!]


Trivia: Bruce and Sarah (my sister) are the couple in this painting that hangs at the Admissions office at Golden Gate Seminary in California.

Dinner tonight with my mum, 2 ugly blisters and their families, Uncle Norm and Aunty Jan and Noel and Babs. My cousin Cliff might come up also.


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