Hi from Dubai

Ten hour changeover at Dubai so I took off into the city. I am at an internet cafe in downtown Dubai, a dynamic fast growing city in the United Arab Emirates. Reminds me of Las Vegas. Lots of new construction here. Cranes everywhere. I heard last year that 17% of the world’s cranes are here in Dubai. This place is fast becoming quite a hub and I am wondering if it will become a place for east-west connections and spiritual learning in the future.


Heres a screen shot of my right-justified Google from Dubai.

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  • what the heck?????????????? Instead of a hotel are you just sleeping on planes and getting off for a few days!!!
    Hope things are well….. we move on the 27th!!! PRAY… we haven’t got a landing point yet and i’m getting a bit stressed on that one.
    Blessings dude…
    praying cover over ya! (well you kinda know that!)

  • Josh says:

    I’m a design engineer for a large crawler crane manufacturer, and you’re right, there are cranes everywhere in Dubai. The middle east snaps up every crane that we let them get their hands on. It’s wild.

  • A friend of mine just spent a week in Dubai on his way to Jordan. He had some interesting stories from his trip: http://sojourney.wordpress.com/

  • D.G. Hollums says:

    Wow! I would love to visit there some day!!1 Very cool!

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