Tres Amigos

Leaving Austin, Texas in a few hours, and heading home to UK. I was able to teach the natives how to look Texan and still maintain their coolness. They will be forever grateful.


Actually, none of us are really Texan. Thats me on the right. The tough looking one. I am not really Texan but rather cant remember where I am from. Mark Stoney on the left is from England where he and his band toured with some unknown Sheffield group named Arctic Monkeys and was performing last week at SXSW as “Stoney”. Derek Chapman, in the center, is from North Carolina. You may remember his cool Volvo, for which he had to fight Colin Powell, from when I was here a few years ago.


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  • Alright… but my boots are still the coolest…. though ya all look like “don’t mess with us”-
    all you need playing in the back ground – is the song Mark wrote called “round here”- hopefully he gave it to ya.. but there is a joke about the “back 40” which is a NC phrase —- take your *#@ to my back 40
    ——– means- the 40 acres that are the farthest away in the 80 acres of property – where you won’t be found if your screaming and killed…
    alright…. you know i’m praying for safe travels for ya….. hopefully we’ll hook up soon… phil and i are still looking at coming to Scotland … and if were there…. i’m parking on your doorstep!
    luv and stuff….
    ps. i hope you read my post in honor of D’s birthday!

  • In order for it to be truly Texan, there needs to be a steer in the background. And bonus points if you’re eating B-B-Q while the steer looks on. And a belt buckle that’s big enough to set off the airport metal detectors. And where’s the can of Skoal? OK – end of silly stereotyping.

  • you yanks all ran us out of our lonestar state!!!!
    darn it!!!!
    We went to a bbq joint up here in washington state today to order brisket… they said they were out!!!!!
    That is just wrong!!!!! somebody better bring us some stubbs real soon!!!!

  • Mark stayed at my flat when we first moved to Glasgow – we had only been living there for a couple weeks, boxes were everywhere, and most rooms were empty. We received a call in the afternoon to request a place to sleep for some friends….later that night a white transit van rolls up and out pops a band. People slept everywhere, food was eaten, my kids entertained, and then they rolled away never to be seen again. I still have the CD thank you he left.

  • Everyone knows there are no real TEXANS in Austin. So ya’ll probably fit in real good. 🙂

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