I watched the movie “Once” with Derek and Amy last night. Loved the soundtrack. I really loved this song “Falling Slowly” that I heard on TV last week but didnt know where it came from. We all lived in Prague together so it was great to watch the Czech element. We even recognized the beer can from the movie. I told my wife to watch the song on youtube [hi debbie] and so here it is.


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  • kiwipaddy says:

    affective & touching: thanks for sharing.

  • emma says:

    it is an excellent film, and I thought it did a great job of conveying life in dublin! glad you enjoyed it.

  • cheryl w. says:

    I think this movie has nudged its way into my personal all time top 10 favorites. The busker/Grafton Street combo is a potent one for me. Another very good movie with a great soundtrack is “Into the Wild”. 🙂

  • tk says:

    i freakin love that movie… and soundtrack. but it does get you right there in the gut…

  • Daniel says:

    That song’s amazing. I love the one where he’s singing on the street at night and just belting his words out…beautiful. Did you know Falling Slowly won an Oscar for Best Original Song?

  • Danny says:

    Recently at Azusa Pacific we watched that move at a theology gathering and discussed the “humanity” of the movie, and how wonderful the movie is. You wouldn’t think there is much theology in it, but we had a wonderful discussion about it.

  • rob says:

    Beautiful song. He fronts a band called ‘The Frames’. Saw them open for Bob Dylan last year, they were a fantastic surprise. That track is from their album ‘The Cost’. Will have to check out that movie at some point.

  • we downloaded ‘once’ on itunes about a month ago and instantly fell in love with it…unfortunately its only available there for rent, so its def. on the list of movies i want to purchase soon…
    the rest of the soundtrack is amazing as well, you should check it out.

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