Fran Mickelborough, the world’s greatest bouncer.

I am hanging out with Fran Mickelborough, the world’s greatest bouncer. Check out his most famous bounce on Youtube and keep watching for the slow motion bounce.

Fran’s wife, Jen, (formerly Jen Andrew – I was at their wedding in Sheffield, England a few years back) has not seen the video yet due to the painfully graphic nature but she often watches her friends faces as they respond to it. Even though it looks really fun, bounces like this can take their toll on one’s body and poor Fran had to take a break from his sky-diving videography job in Queenstown, New Zealand to undergo surgery. But things are healing well and as soon as they take that long steel rod out of his right thigh, he should back to his old extreme self again. In the meantime, he and Jen are living in Austin with some other artists and friends of mine – see previous post.


I also need to show off the photo of Fran and Jen that I took at her wedding on a puny 2.3 megapixel camera.



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