Derek’s birthday

I arrived in Austin for Derek Chapman’s birthday. He turned 40. A lot of the artists who were hanging out here as part of the Mangola event had already flown home but there were enough of us here to have a great evening. It was too windy in the morning for the hot air balloon ride that was planned. Only regret is that Derek didn’t get out to see GogolBordello perform on his birthday.



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  • YOU SHMUCK! you stole my pic….
    – well now at least i know you read my blog post!!!!
    OY VEY!!!!!!!
    there will be a big pinch or a wedgy for that one…. (might pray an angel will do it!)
    ps…. that pic was at an art thingy in downtown Austin last May….. had a bunch of stuff behind it… but thankfully Paul Pleasant helped me out with Photo Shop!!! but i’ll send ya the original..
    it’s really fitting don’t ya think!
    alright, i luv ya Anyway…
    muah! K8

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