Him that p***eth against the wall.

Speaking of sermons, heres a video from Trevin Wax of an “independent Baptist, KJV-Only preacher” tackling the passage ‘Him that pisseth against the wall’. Can you watch this without snickering? I challenge you.

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  • grace says:

    Wow, an impassioned call for men to stand up for their “biblical” right to stand up.

  • Mike says:

    I’m still a bit confused about this one thing. Didn’t [according to the KJV] God say that he was going to destroy those that “pisseth against the wall”? Perhaps we all should sit down then.
    All I know is that somewhere, Mark Driscoll is smiling and nodding…

  • Rodney Olsen says:

    I’m rather disturbed that he admitted to using a public restroom. Surely he should be a real man and pisseth against a wall somewhere. Bathrooms and public restrooms are an abomination.

  • Guy Muse says:

    I took your challenge seriously and really tried my hardest to not snicker. About half way through, I failed miserably and not only snickered, but laughed out loud. Sorry. I then brought in my son and his friend for a recap to see if they could do any better. They lasted about as long as I did.

  • Alan Cross says:

    I just saw this on Steve McCoy’s blog. Amazing. Mike is right, the Bible says that those who piss against the wall will be destroyed. Yet more excellent biblical exegesis. What am I doing? I’m actually commenting on his interpretation!!!! HA! He’s pulling me in!

  • Ted says:

    Well…I had an old friend on my ministry’s board of directors who was fond of saying, “Christianity doesn’t cure stupidity!” Now we have proof! Unfortunately.

  • Santosh says:

    This could well be the stupidest thing I have ever heard from a pulpit.
    Someone else sent me this. I did some checking and here is the guy: Steven L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe Arizona – http://www.faithfulwordbaptist.org. His other sermons are online as well – including a stirring message on “Clothing Standards”, which includes no min-skirts, short shorts. Although knee length skirts are on the edge and Steve doesn’t let his wife wear them.

  • Santosh says:

    Me again – this guy is actually pretty dangerous – there are about 32 videos of him on you tube. In one of them he goes on an anti-semitic rant and calls Judaism “a synagogue of satan”. Yikes.
    And he also preaches Billy Graham is going to hell and is the most dangerous man in America. This guy is wacked.

  • Jon Reid says:

    “Stand up, stand up for Jesus…”

  • tsk says:

    another challenge – to watch it only once.

  • Matt Rees says:

    I almost pissed myself with laughter while watching this. Not sure what he would make of that.

  • becky says:

    I never thought I’d see something that was more male centric than Mark Driscoll. Some days the material writes itself.
    Heck, at least the guy is honest – I much prefer this approach because at least I know to run for the hills. What’s worse is being invited into the emergent discussion only to show up and it’s 95% male and 99.9% white.

  • Matt Scott says:

    Matt Rees… were you sitting down?

  • Matt Dabbs says:

    You want another laugh? Watch it again but this time imagine that he is Jack from the TV show Lost. Looks and sounds just like him.

  • Nikolai says:

    Like I thought. It was shocking on his website and on his privat blog. He is a member of “hardpreaching” and to be honest to me this kind of stuff is really new. I am not an “insider” in the church-scene and it is really scary to see stuff like this in the web. Sometimes you hear stories like that, but to see it live is something really different. I mean, how many people, like him, are out there, talking this kind of stuff. He is a leader and people are following him.

  • tsk says:

    its weird for a lot of us. i showed it to some Scottish people yesterday and they found it hard to believe it was real.

  • jim says:

    I’m off to confession… I’ve sat down for years. All that aiming while standing was just too much work.

  • dave says:

    I get it, Perfect. Men are to stand up for Jesus – but not piss against the wall
    THey should pee into the toilet, against the urinal, or even on a tree.
    But NEVER piss against the wall – especially at my place. We’ve just painted the walls.

  • Ong Lao says:

    Pissing against the wall causes spray and gets all over your tunic.
    Language is relative. I dont use the “N” word but my African American associate pastor when he was really happy with something I had done or said — said: “Thats my Niggah!!!”

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