Ash Wednesday

Its Ash Wednesday today and we are not doing anything special this year. I think the main reason is because many of us fasted right after the Christmas/New Years celebrations – a fast that included missing food, toxin removals through juices, clearing out junk and unwanted clothes and stuff, reflecting on the previous year, and anticipating the year at our doorstep. It felt like a good rhythm and one we might repeat on a yearly basis. We might end up fasting something in preparation for Easter. I will have to ask the kids and see what they think.

However, other bloggers are doing stuff. Scott McKnight is giving away free books and suggesting we pray the Jesus Creed daily for these 40 days up to Easter.

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  • david – we just did the maple syrup, lemon juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
    Fred – thats great. i think he is giving out some free books too.
    protestants will do something for 40 days and catholics will stop doing something for 40 days.

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