Emergent Church India

Jan 13-18 – “The International Symposium on Dalit Theology in the 21st Century sets out to initiate a collaborative discourse among younger theologians committed to Dalit emancipation in the Indian church and society at large. It provides a platform for emerging voices and a showcase for the resources of Dalit theology as a theology of life for all.” Link

Wish I could be a fly on the wall for this gathering next week in India. I am fascinated by Dalit Theology, Christian Ashrams, and the Indian understanding of Emergent Church. I saw the Indians were using the term “emergent church” in a missions publication in the 1970’s. Anyone going to this event???

Also, I would like to purchase a copy of The Emergent Church in a New India, by Felix Wilfred, if anyone has one. [PLEASE]

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