“The Christian Olympics‘” S.E. Gregg is IN DA HOUSE!

[Posted by S. E. Gregg, Guest Blogger today on TSK]

“The Christian Olympics” First Virtual Book Tour To Launch November 5, 2007

Best-selling author and Bible curriculum writer, S. E. Gregg will embark on the first eight-website tour on Monday, November 5,2007 for “The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns”, the unveiling of the Bible’s comparison of the Christian race to the Olympic Games. Tour events include blogging, forum discussions, interviews and book reviews.

Wynnewood, PA, November 4,2007- S. E. Gregg, author of “The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns”, “Enthusiastically recommended as inspirational reading for all practicing Christians”-Midwest Book Review, will embark on an eight-stop Virtual Book Tour November 5-14,2007. During a Virtual Book Tour. an author visits specific lineup of websites or weblogs, similar to a real-life book tour, where stops are made at brick and mortar bookstores. Each day the author visits a different website from the comfort of their home.

S.E.Gregg’s 3rd stop will be right here today November 8,2007 at TallskinnyKiwi with the wonderful host Mr. Andrew Jones. S. E Gregg, a “spiritual marathon runner” for several decades, is very excited about running by these eight websites on the way to the “Finish Line“ To view the complete lineup log on to:


TSK – Hey  – nice to have you on my blog. Did you know that a few days ago I JOGGED all the way to play badminon – about HALF A MILE. Nearly killed me. Can you tell us a little about your marathon running and how that influences how you encourage people in your ministry? You can use the comments if you like or the blog posting tool.


  • Hey Andrew,
    You don’t know me. I’m a worship leader at a church in the chicago burbs. I read your blog once a week or so. It’s great. You have a friend named Sasha…he’s a bible translator from Prague.. Well….he was a guest at my house last night and he told me that you guys are buddies. Small world.
    much love,

  • andrew says:

    Fantastic. thanks for hosting him!

  • S.E.Gregg says:

    Good Morning To All
    It is so exciting to be here.
    WOW, that was a long jog.
    My marathon running is in the spiritual race. All Christians that have been serving Christ for a long time are considered spiritual marathon runners.

  • andrew says:

    Cool. So do you have to log in a few decades to be considered a sp. marathon runner?
    And what about if you fall down along the way and get up again? does that still count?

  • S.E.Gregg says:

    They are very good questions.
    Actually every Christian begins their Christian life in the spiritual marathon.Because of the fact that the Christian race is a marathon race.But sometimes Christians get weary and stop running and get out of the spiritual marathon.It is never to late to get back in the spiritual marathon.
    Seeing ourselves as spiritual athletes will help us to understanding this spiritual marathon.
    Athletes fall down and get back up and keep on running and we can do the same.

  • Matybigfrp says:

    for the little book review marathon (or is it a sprint) of your own that you’ve got going on here.
    soul grafiti looks good might have to get that one.

  • andrew says:

    maty – whatup??
    SE – i heard you are a fan of Philippians. Whats up with that?

  • S.E.Gregg says:

    If you are speaking of the book of Philippians in the Bible’s new testament,Chapter 3, verses 13- 14, it is reference to runners in the ancient races looking ahead and not behind, reaching forth, pressing their way to the finish line to receive a prize.Here, the apostle Paul compares his personal race to be just like runners in the ancient races.

  • S. Gregg says:

    Thank you Andrew Jones for having me on the famous TSK as a guest author blogger on Thursday,November 8,2007.
    It was exciting to blog about my new book” The Chriatian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns”, about the longest and most enormous competition this world has ever seen.
    Hope to see everyone at the Closing Ceremony !!!
    S.E.Gregg(SE) http://www.christianolympics.org

  • andrew says:

    thanks SE. Great to have you here. I hope my readers check out your book and ministry.
    May God’s Spirit give you wind to finish your race well, and help others finish theirs also.

  • Gabi Nagy says:

    Funny. I’m planning to run a REAL marathon for spiritual reasons this coming year. Anyone out there with similar inclinations? Greet Debbie and blessings on you Andrew. Will have guests tomorrow at 5, but I’m sure you gonna blog about it 🙂

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