Bob Whitesel: Inside the Organic Church

Book Review: Inside the Organic Church: Learning from 12 Emerging Congregations, by Bob Whitesel

219D3Tng7Kl. Aa180 This book chronicles Bob’s pilgrimage to a number of well-known, somewhat larger emerging and seeker type churches including Solomons Porch, Vintage Church, St Thoms in England and Mars Hill in Michigan. None of these churches have radically reshaped the form of the protestant church as we know it but they are examples worthy of listening to and learning from. Its an OK book and Bob’s unique contribution to this already populated genre is the connection between the church growth movement and the emerging church movement. This connection may come as an embarrassment to many but it is worth seeing how one helped pave the way for the other. And I don’t recall any other author doing such a thorough job.

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    thanks for the review. Actually I’m still waiting on your review of Brian McLarens newest book, are you still planning on writing it? It would really interest me.
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