Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation, by Hugh Hewitt

Book Review – Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation thats Changing Your World, by Hugh Hewitt. Subheading is “Why you must know how the BLOGOSPHERE is smashing the OLD MEDIA MONOPOLY and giving individuals power in the marketplace of ideas.

I bought this book last year and was a little disappointed with it so i have not given a review until now. Hugh Hewitt himself is quite a phenomenal person, having successfully brought his audience from his radio talk show over into the blog world and building his blog to be a real powerhouse for republican blogging. He is speaking today at GodBlogCon in Las Vegas. I almost made it this year but since i was in USA 2 weeks ago and have to be there again in 2 weeks (San Francisco) I decided not to come.

“If your organization has not established itself in the blogosphere, now is the time to move ahead, but quickly!” (front cover)

The book has some excellent thoughts on the similarity and differences between the first Reformation and the current information reformation brought about through the Web. And also the empowerment of individuals and the people who, unlike Hugh, don’t usually get much of a hearing. The style of the book doesn’t really appeal to me and his peppy enthusiasm for blog journalism will encourage those who appreciate that kind of pep-talk but will probably turn off most of this blog’s readers – who will probably not learn anything new. A better book than this is by Shane Hipps – “The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture”, which is also not a GREAT book but its not bad either i will it review next.

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