White as wool

We have wool all over our patio in a fishing net. We bought about 60 fleeces of wool from a farmer and have washed them in Borax. It will all be put into sacks and used as insulation for the winter. A lot of work!


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  • Mike says:

    What a good idea. Are fleeses expensive?

  • Adam says:


  • Rowley says:

    Insulation – what, in the roof space or hanging on the walls? You can’t mean instead of hair shirts! But I know up there you will need all the heat you can get.

  • andrew Jones says:

    i gave john the farmer £60 for 60 fleeces. its more than he would have got otherwise but its a good deal for us.

  • How much is a fleece?

  • andrew says:

    they usually go for 50p on the mainland but now the law says they can sell it elsewhere and to whoever. its more of a favor to the farmers, esp. if you give them more . . like we did.
    the wool is still drying – taking longer than we thought.

  • Rob says:

    John, the Farmer! Hm, that guy! I am just thinking about brewing my own beer, and you already start a new thing, whitch I got no idea, what you are talking about! Insulation for ???
    I also used wool – ROCKWOOL (sorry Andrew, it was too temting)!
    Got to find a good place to get the brewing stuff. Happy insulation!

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