Tom and Christine Sine in Seattle

I am in Seattle right now and staying with Tom and Christine Sine. Tom is a teacher and author of some excellent books [new book coming soon related to their conference New Conspiritors 08]. Christine, an Aussie, is the doctor that helped get the medical programs going on the YWAM ship Anastasis.

I was staying at their home about 7 years ago and i remember Tom cooked a wicked salmon dinner. Last night almost all the the produce was from their own garden outside. The house is like a small monastery, complete with guest rooms and a prayer room on top with a view of the Seattle skyline. They are thinking through the idea of monastic communities and orders. Some of that is reflected on their blog called The Mustard Seed Conspiracy. Christine is blogging at Godspace.

We had a meeting last night with some young people that are involved in exploring church in Seattle, and some looking into nu-monasticism. Nice to be here again.


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  • so hi to tom and christine for me. i think i shared in that salmon dinner 7 years ago with you as we debriefed a conference in which the international emerging church had just slammed straight into mark the driscol.
    steve taylor

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