Seattle Reflections

Enjoyed one night in Seattle before my trip back home. The Green Tortoise Hostel is fantastic and i would easily stay there again. Its right next to Pike Brewery. Pike’s Tandem is a good porter but a little too sweet – I think they use too much sugar in some of their beers to push the alc. level higher which is perhaps a unfortunate trend in USA. It was really windy – REALLY WINDY! Bus to airport cost only $1.25. I liked Seattle better than the last time i was there. Especially that cheap bus ride in the tunnel under the city.

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  • Hey, it looks like you’ve got your blogging mojo back! Glad to see the beer helped.
    I toured around Seattle on the Sunday evening and most of Monday on my way to the conference… did Pike Place Market on Monday before heading to the ferry and picked up some small trinket-y gifts for the wife and kids. And me — in fact, I’m wearing the T-shirt right now…

  • And who could forget those great rides on the Green Tortoise as it traveled between Seattle and SF.
    Seattle is a great city, but I still love Portland.

  • I for one am happy that you passed through Seattle too. It was great to meet you and chat a bit at Tom and Christine’s. I hope our paths cross again at some point on the space-time continuim. Peace.

  • I just arrived in Seattle for a conference for work (higher ed tech) all this week. Where should I go? What should I eat? Who should I connect with?

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