Emergent event in Austin

I almost went along to it, since i was in USA anyway, but i had to get back home to the family. A Zondervan sponsored Emerging Church Event event happened over the past few days at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. Steve Knight has some reflections. Quite a few bloggers there but i am curious to hear what Mike Corley says on his radio program later today. My name appeared on the web site but I was never planning to be there. I was, however, supposed to host the other event like this in Minneapolis but that was cancelled earlier in the year.

I don’t think any of my colleagues who live in Austin attended this event. They are doing more underground/missional/off-the-christian-radar kind of stuff. Still, it sounded like a good time. Bob Carlton has thoughts.

Coincidence: I was at Gateway’s preview service in Austin when they opened in 1998.


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