Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

MisterrogersConference is over. It was a blast! We spent many repeated times in Luke 10 and gave a lot of consideration to the kind of order that would allow us to plug back into what God is doing in the neighborhood. Getting church back to being LOCAL again and impacting the local neighborhood will be a big challege for Americans and Canadians but its really important.

Pete Askew from Northumbria led the daily offices and the Roxburgh boys were fountains of wisdom and humor.

Nice to be with this group. Sometimes i find myself in emerging church conversations which end up only talking about getting more milage out of outmoded methods of church. But this was going beyond and beneath to find the heart of what Jesus intended for his community. Well worth the trip.

Lets hope that we find some answers so Mister Roger’s prophetic statement might come pass. And its a beautiful day in the neighborhood [not ‘wonderful’ like i first said]
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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Brian says:

    Are you headed back to Orkney Andrew? Would have been great to hook up with you while you were here. We’re just a short ferry across the sound, and compared to those Orkney ferries, these are like playing in the bathtub! Hope to hear from you.
    Brian S.

  • Dean says:

    Hello Andrew!
    Haven’t commented before but have appreciated reading the mail. Any chance you might go much south of San Francisco this trip? Would enjoy a discussion of what’s going on in the spiritual neighborhood here in S.Cal.
    Blessings, Dean D.

  • I like the idea of churches being local. It feels a lot better now that our church has a few more households in the area where our church meets.

  • Dan says:

    Hey Andrew. Good to meet you and hang with you a bit at Seabeck. I’ll let you know how our subversive Order develops in Portland. You’re always welcome if you pay a visit.

  • Daja says:

    Mr. Rogers said it was a “Beautiful day in the neighborhood.” (
    But, I guess if it’s a beautiful day, chances are it’s a wonderful day, too. 🙂
    [andrew] – ahhh thanks, i just changed it. its been a few years since i saw it.

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