Wikiklesia: The world’s first self-perpetuating nomadic business model?

Coversm“Wikiklesia may be the world’s first self-perpetuating nomadic business model – raising money for charities – giving voice to emerging writers and artists – generating a continuous stream of new books covering all manner of relevant topics. Nobody remains in control. There is no board of directors. The franchise changes hands as quickly as new projects are created.” Wikiklesia Press Release

As a missionary and church planter, I like anything that can self-perpetuate, multiply, reproduce spontaneously and keep on giving itself away until it reaches it goal. That means churches, conferences, training systems, and also this little publishing experiment called WIKIKLESIA that LAUNCHES TOMORROW [now available] on Lulu.

Volume One of the Wikiklesia project gets released July 23rd and its called Voices of the Virtual World: Participative Technology and the Ecclesial Revolution. BUY THE BOOK! My chapter on blogging is buried in there somewhere but the other chapters will be much more interesting than mine.

I have invited one of the project leaders John La Grou to my Happy Hour video cafe on Wednesday, along with some other geeky guests, and hopefully, if everything works out, John will chat about the uniqueness of this collaborative project.

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The Wikiklesia Project finally gets underway, after a number of laggards get their chapters in for the first book right before its release on July 23. And in case nobody says anything, my chapter was probably the LATEST. Sorry about that everyone. Life has been busy lately. My chapter is called “The Ugly Blogger” and it explores the dark side of blogging. Thanks to Len H. and John La Grou for their patience and foresight on this project.

Blurb: The first book, Voices of the Virtual World, is a “collective, chaordic conversation on how emerging technologies are impacting the church.” All proceeds from the Wikiklesia Project will be contributed to the Not For Sale campaign.

“In this volume, we hear from a wide range of voices, including bloggers and students, technologists and theologians, entrepreneurs and pastors… from a progressive Episcopalian techno-monk to a leading Mennonite professor… from a tech-savvy mobile missionary to a corporate anthropologist whom Worth Magazine called “one of Wall Street’s 25 Smartest Players.” Voices promises to be a far reaching exploration of spiritual journey contextualized within a culture of increasingly immersive technology.”

Others: Emergent Village, Len, Conversatio, Bill Kinnon.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Matt Dabbs says:

    It looks like a great project. I had to back out of a chapter because I knew if I didn’t, you wouldn’t have had a chance at being the last one to get it in…hopefully things will slow down a bit in time for the next one. I look forward to reading your chapter and all the rest. Take care,

  • Rick Meigs says:

    I just got my chapter in under the wire, so I’m glad to know I was in good company :-).

  • Cathryn Thomas says:

    Andrew … a few “stones” need prayer… sorry so cryptic… read between the lines….. things are REALLLLY hard. Sorry didn’t know how to get a hold of you while you were in transit…
    xo K8 ps… hit it hard… please.

  • Nicholas says:

    Andrew – I thought I would bring it to your attention that you are featured on ( thanks to Josh’s inclusion of our “Tall Skinny” on the website. .
    Just for your own edification.

  • chad says:

    This looks really exciting. I am really digging this format and I hope it keeps going.

  • NaNcY says:

    the spiritual journey is the one that will always reach the farthest.
    God bless you, brother.

  • Mike Morrell says:

    Hey brother, I think I was one of the most laggardly laggards, also…this sweet child of mine is a time/sleep vortex!
    I can’t wait to read your chapter. I tried to talk some about the dark side of technology by way of Ellul and Wendell Berry; we’ll have to compare notes…

  • Peggy says:

    Andrew, (and the rest of the Wiki laggards lurking here ;))
    All is well…I just finished formatting your chapters. I wasn’t worried; I had lots of other Wikiklesia things to keep me busy while I waited. Thanks for persevering–John was right: it wouldn’t have been the same without your chapter!
    I’ve been thinking of a quotation to put in front of your chapter (the last one to need one)…if you have a favorite that ties to your theme (and get it to me TODAY), I’d be pleased to use it…otherwise, I’ll have to scratch my head and hit up Len for one.
    Here I am giving you a hard time, and you don’t even know me 😉 I’m a fan from Hirshey’s blog–and now from the Wikiklesia Project!
    Blessings–and thanks, again, for coming through for the team!

  • David K says:

    I have been reading your blog ever since the plug in The Forgotten Ways when I read it 6 months ago.
    I really appreciate how active you are online. Your posts always are encouraging of new and creative ways to spread the Gospel. I absolutely loved the Sigur Ros post (that just goes to show how long I have been lurking!) and shared it with everyone I could.
    Keep it up man!

  • kbartha says:

    very cool… I look forward to it… Is it downloadable, retreivable, reproducable 🙂 now there’s the crux of it all.

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