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We are talking about Web 2.0 and social networking. is a new social networking site for Christianity Today that utilizes the new platform from American Tract Society. EO in Netherlands added social networking last month that was developed by women for women called Eva.

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  • The man who was a mentor to many at our university went around the world, studying the idea of community in various cultures and faith groups. He said something to this effect, “The early Church was effective because they addressed the primary social problem of the day – widows and orphans.” He then asked, “What is the primary social ill of our day?”
    The answer? Isolation, fragmentation and loss of community.
    However social structures on the Internet evolve, there will always be a vital cry for face to face community life, shared life, elevating life, active life. “Communio” according to Marva Dawn, can only happen face to face.
    Cheers to the internet, but more cheers to those who create a gathering place for the physical body as well.

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