Missional PDFs from Don Golden and Steve Hu

Heres a paper that Steve Hu just submitted to me and has given the OK for its exclusive release on TallSkinnyKiwi [what an honor!!]. Its called  . .

Stevehu-Ets-Final-2Are We Syncretizing the Gospel? A Reflection Upon Lesslie Newbigin’s Definition of Syncretism for the Church’s Missionary Encounter with Culture”. A Paper Presented to the Evangelical Theological Society, Eastern Conference by Steve Hu, March 23, 2007

I like it because I like Newbigin. I have 8 Lesslie Newbigin books on my shelf and another book from his actual library – signed by him. I wish more people would read him. And I also like the paper because Steve looks at both Catholic and Protestant struggles and successes in dealing with syncretism in missions and lands in a good place

“The Missional Church [PDF] by Don Golden is an excellent ride through a century of mission thinking regarding the dichotomy between church and mission. Don finds 3 possible responses and goes back to Exodus to find the answer. I think this is the same Don Golden that is now lead pastor at Mars Hill church in Grand Rapids with Rob Bell. Probably the same Don Golden i met in 1999 with International Teams. Anyone know? Please correct me if i am wrong.

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  • John santic says:

    Brilliant paper. A great synopsis of what Newbigin was on about. I posted a link.
    It challenges one to consider the implications and importance of the missionary task within the local context.
    Another similar context to that of Ricci is how the gospel was contextualized and incarnated to the celts in Ireland by way of St patty. There is a freedom in allowing the gospel to take route in God’s own creative way (he did not try to make them romans) when we let go of our culturally conditioned assumptions of it that usually cause us to be imposing without local conversation first.

  • Tim Barnes says:

    You are right on about Don Golden. Don served in Europe with International Teams and then with World Relief in the States before going to Mars Hill. He is a great thinker with a heart for the world and the church! Thanks for linking to his paper.

  • Laura says:

    I just finished a semester studying the missionary ecclesiology of Newbigin–I also wish more folks would read him.
    I’ll be reading these with great interest.
    Thanks for the links!

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