Mark Dever gets Merit Award

Mark Dever gets the 2007 Christianity Today Merit Award for his book The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made. I haven’t read the book, and at $40 I might not be rushing out to buy it on first impulse, but it seems to be a hefty reference book that might get a workout from users. Love to hear comments from people who have read the book.

Mark Dever and the emerging church? When interviewed, Dever said the term “Emerging Church” can mean all kinds of things so he suggests we need to get to know the individual pastor. Good advice. Take a listen to Mark Dever on emerging church (Mp3 clip taken from a larger interview on Way of the Master Radio.)

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  • If I listened to that show on a regular basis I would become a more angry, judgmental person. Ugh.
    I do greatly appreciate that Dever was careful in his approach to the ECM. As usual, he shows a more thoughtful and wise side of the SBC and conservative evangelicalism. Thanks for finding this TSK.

  • Unfortunately the phrase ‘get to know the individual pastor’ grates with me as it assumes a certain type of ecclesiology with which not everyone would agree.

  • good point. most emerging churches i have come across dont have a single “pastor”. only the more traditionally structured churches.
    however, with so much nasty criticism going on around us, mark’s comments are welcome.

  • re: the book || it is an extremely helpful resource. Dever has a truly invaluable skill of simplifying without tossing out meaningful and neccessary content.
    the price is steep but it often goes on sale.
    he also has done the same work for the NT.

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