Travel on the cheap.

Samuel and I leave tonight on the big overnight ferry that takes us down to Aberdeen. We will be in Glasgow tomorrow and then Frankfurt on Wednesday. We are doing this trip really cheap – using buses and cheap flights and sleeping on the floor of the ferry (tonight) and Frankfurt Hahn airport (tomorrow). Our bus ticket from Aberdeen to Glasgow was £6 each and our Ryan air flight to Germany was about £12 plus taxes and other charges [more like £45 each). Once in Frankfurt, we are staying at the Stay and Learn Youth Hostel in a dorm room.

So, travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Packing a sleeping bag and air mattress (for airport floors) is a big help.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • emma says:

    If you’ve got some free time, call into Offshore coffee on Gibson Street – i’ve got my first photography exhibition running there at the minute!

  • andrew says:

    might do that emma. seems like there is wifi around there for free.

  • emma says:

    yea offshore has free wifi if you buy a coffee!

  • Mike says:

    What a great adventure. Think of all the memories that will be made.

  • e says:

    fwiw, i enjoy using to get a gauge how to bid on hotels and such for cheap travel.

  • phil_style says:

    Am about to make the journey from Wellington (NZ) to the UK soon. Might have to follow your lead and pack a sleeping bag!. . shame we don’t have a cut price carrier from this part of the wrld yet.

  • kester says:

    Urghh… Hate having to be the enviro conscience again, but there’s a downside to cheap travel >-/
    Plus, if you work out the full background/non financial costs, they can be more pricey than we think. And our kids might be pissed that we sold their planet off so cheap.
    TSK: Hey Kester . .. dont apologize! we need your voice. i do think a lot about the plane travel and am making efforts to cut it down – less trips, for longer spells, and switching to video chats rather than turning up.
    not easy for someone who works in many countries but it is possible to reduce carbon footprint and toxic splash – in fact it is NECESSARY.
    so keep on preaching . . .

  • josh says:

    dude. you need to check out this show.
    there’s a free episode online. and it features a lot of kiwis.

  • Kester says:

    Good to hear it Andrew… I’d be really interested to hear any thoughts you have on the video conferencing thing… Systems you have seen, what it’s like to interact with, costs etc.
    I’m aware that there are HD versions on the market now, and wonder how they would compare to the price of a flight + accomodation etc. It’s surely something we’ve got to think about for the future, and what I think the experience of using it might do is drive us back to the kind of radical localism that you posted about recently.

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