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Cant please everyone. Even Emerging Church folk. I am sure there are many people that hate my blog and protest it but only a few people do so multiple times. Someone from an emerging church in UK stopped reading my blog a while back because, or so she told me, I was not willing to take a strong stance against capital punishment. Which is true – I visit a lot of countries and try to respect each nation’s decision on that issue as much as possible. Its a divided issue with about 52% of the world being in favor of the death penalty [Wikipedia].

If you can think of a good reason for not reading my blog, go ahead and leave a link to an anti-Andrew Jones, TallSkinnyKiwi-No! kind of post and I will read it when i am thinking too highly of myself. We all need some criticism sometimes, even if we don’t understand it.

[this post was edited from the original and the name of the blog withdrawn]


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Tim Keller says:

    I have trouble understanding your blog because of your thick accent. Apart from that, however, I really enjoy it.

  • andrew jones says:

    means a lot coming from you, tim.
    your name was mentioned often at last weeks church planting conference.

  • UberGoober says:

    Just had to insert a comment. Tim Keller, Andrew Jones, UberGoober. Love it.

  • [name withheld by TSK] says:

    Hey Andrew – wanna check back in the comments of my post for my clarification before you go slinging my name around t’internet?… I apologised and clarified the remark. As for me not reading your blog for a while, I thought I was doing a right thing in letting you know by email and off post cos I didn’t want to kick up a fuss beyond letting you know. To be honest, I could have just kept quiet and deleted it from the feedreader. Hey well, I live and learn.
    [TSK: hey – thanks much for your correspondence. appreciate the feedback even if it is negative. sorry for jumping the gun. i have edited out your name in this post and comment. peace and love and respect . .]

  • Makeesha says:

    can’t be loved all the time, what would you do with your giant head?! 😉 love you brother…greatly appreciate your voice.

  • Danny says:

    why do you always have to wear that freakin’ hat? 😉
    love from germany,

  • Makeesha says:

    Tim – I know, geez, speak English already

  • lyn says:

    🙂 I enjoy reading your blog Andrew.
    I think when you read blogs regularly then you are going to come across some posts and opinions that you disagree with. Humans can’t agree on everything all of the time. Heck, even in my marriage there are things we have to agree to disagree on.

  • richard says:

    so you’re not willing to rule out the death penalty for Mark Driscoll then – sorry

  • Ben Edson says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I keep your blog in my favourites but not in my feedreader. i pop by occasionally as i like to see the global perspective through your blog.
    What don’t I like? Sometimes i want an opinion rather than reporting. Your report on, for example, Mark Driscoll said that you cringed and felt for the women in the room but what do you think theologically of this issue? And why do you not say it? I’d argue that you have a responsiblilty to do so… or does the readership of your blog mean that you have to ‘hold your tongue?’

  • John Berryhill says:

    You are a true hero of the faith and an innovator/apostle/networker of the first order. I am just grateful for when our paths have crossed! Hope Debbie and your kiddos are well!

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