Reflections on The House Church Leaders Conference

This DAWN house church leaders conference is drawing to a close. Here are some random thoughts in reflection.

– Mike Steele shared on the beginnings of this journey began in 2001. 170 people met in Tony house. I was there also in that meeting which was a part of the Epicenter Roundtable. Actually, I thought it was 120 but it may have been 170. This is the 9th major leadership group since that time that Mike has led.

– John White and Mike Steele shared about how they disagreed on some things but diversity is good. I AGREE. The leadership team here seems very CONGENIAL and homogenous and its good to see some diversity.

– Some bloggers here. Greg Hubbard from Las Vegas and Alexander Campbell (who has been sharing a room with me) and of course the inimitable Tim Pynes of the House Church Chronicles Blog. WE went out for a drink the other night and Tim apologized for interviewing me in South Africa last year on the differences and similarities between ’emerging church’ and ‘house church’ movements and then accidentally deleting the entire interview – as well as interviews with Wolfgang Simson and Thom Black who works with George Barna. Oh well.

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– There was coaching last night on how to listen to each others stories and use spiritual gifts in ministry. These are more necessary than oratory skills needed to run a platform-led church.

– I notice a lot of blue collar folk which is VERY ENCOURAGING to me! I have seen enough of movements that are led by white collars and supported by blue collars. God seems to be putting some of these leaders, who are also painting contractors and builders together, [the guy speaking right now lives in a TRAILER], for a reason and they are heading up some exciting things as DAWN Associates.

– Great group of people but not as international as i had hoped. A number of Africans and Filipinos were not able to get their visas and couldn’t come.

– In China, a report has come in regarding the arrest and mistreatment of 30 Chinese house church leaders when they met with 4 American church leaders. More details from Ken Wooding (familiar name to me) on Crosswalk. HT to my anti-emergent buddy Ken Silva.

– One of the wives is sharing right now – husbands need to value their wives and help them to stay alongside or they will burn out. Families are key. Lets love our spouses the way God intended.

Next guy to speak told us how he prays wisdom over his wife.

Next up is another wife who prays over the wives and the group.

Must stop here . . . .


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