The Future of the Emerging Church

Insightful article on Out of Ur called “The Future of the Emerging Church: Are we experiencing the next reformation of Christianity?”. Phyllis Tickle discusses the 500 year cycles that change the world and suggests that we might be building a post-protestant model that could last 500 years.

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  • Words says:

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  • ella says:

    the moment we start thinking we are building a movement of this significance is the moment it all goes to pot. it’s the beginning of arrogance and the end of faithfulness. let the future speak of what we do in terms of historical movements and significance, not us.

  • phil_style says:

    I’m not sure how keen I am on building movements . . . I’d sooner have people experience Jesus’ love than beocme part of a social institution . . .
    However, I haven’t read the article yet, so I might go and do that first before making any calls. . .

  • Jim Watters says:

    Thanks so much for all the links and information that you post for the rest of us lurking about in the background. I especially enjoyed reading Tickle’s article. She did a nice job summing up needed next steps in her closing comment. Thanks again for all you do, it is very much appreciated. Blessings, Jim

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