The Prayer of Jael

Featured Post: May 14th.2010

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Jael, that famous hammer-whacking woman of the Bible, made it into #twible yesterday on my Twitter feed, unlike Eglon's stomach fat which got cut out [Jana apologized to me] so I thought it appropriate to re-post my thoughts on what Jael might have prayed.

Original Post: Jael and Sisera turned up in my daily readings this morning. Quite a gruesome story.


"Then Jael wife of Heber took a tent peg in one hand and a hammer in the other. She crept up on him, drove the tent peg through his temple into the ground while he was asleep from exhaustion, and he died." (Judges 4)

Which reminds me of The Prayer of Jael, or at least what I imagine she prayed . . .

"Oh Lord,

please let this #*!!@#!* SCUMBAG die quickly

and not bleed all over my tent.


I know its not as perky as the Prayer of Jabez, but there might be a lot of people who would benefit from a small group experience based on this prayer. 

Teaser Jointheclub ImgBTW – I posted this prayer a few years back, about the same time Mark Riddle posted on 'Biblical scenes you will never see on a Precious Moments figurine', including David's pile of Philistine foreskins and a figurine of Onan. To which i would add the nose piercing of Rebecca (Gen. 24) and belly plunge of Ehud's knife into Eglon massive tummy (Judges 4) which also happened to feature in today's daily reading.

Also, Cathryn Thomas just recommended a bo-peep at When Abimelech was not killed by a woman in the Brick Testament.


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  • David says:

    Excellent post LOL – we don’t read out Deut 23 much either!

  • kent says:

    Ehud is the favorite Bible story of all Junior High boys, closely followed by Elisha sending the bears to get the young thugs.

  • Matt says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a book of some kind (perhaps a devotional) based on the crazy passages of the Bible? Imagine the press release: Jael & the Big Nail, Eglon’s Struggle with Weight Issues, Elisha & the Two Bears (a precursor of Goldielocks?), Philistine Phoreskins, etc. What else!? Oh yes, we can’t forget Oholibah and the *ahem* Assyrians…maybe we won’t go there.

  • bea says:

    never a dull moment with you!! so i notice feb’s photo at the top of the page hasn’t switched yet… i wait with interest!

  • that made my day, thanks!
    Kent – jr.high boys? I had 1st graders in my children’s ministry who were obsessed with that story. (although I think it was the high school guy helpers who told it to them…)

  • Cathryn says:

    Ok…. i think ya crashed the Brick N.T.- too many hits… wow Andrew your popular!!!!!LOLOLOLOL
    I needed a laugh today anyway!!! Thanks!!

  • Philip says:

    You are corrupting mu family, my 11 yr Old (Sam) is laughing over my shoulder. I wonder if this is connected with the decline in popularity of the boys name Judas?

  • Yeah…why did they miss these out of ‘The Lion Story Bible’?
    I laughed out loud at the thought of a small group experience around the prayer of Jael.
    LOL….thanks for the post Andrew.

  • Matt Dabbs says:

    Wiley Lowe pointed this out once. I checked into it and it checks out.
    Deborah = bee
    Jael = mountain goat
    The promised land was the land flowing with milk and honey – the product of bees and mountain goats. The people’s deliverance is the product of “honey bee” and “mountain goat.” I thought that was a neat twist.

  • Matt Dabbs says:

    Another one in the book of Judges that came up in Bible class last week. When Samson killed the lion it says he tore it as one would tear a young goat. That doesn’t sound easy. Why would you say it was easy as tearing a young goat? Again, milk comes from goats and what ends up in the lion carcass? Bees and honey.

  • don says:

    … I think Ehud’s lefthandedness aiding him has validated lefties the world over! or at least the ones that read Judges 3? an 18″ double-edged sword!

  • Nigel says:

    Boys Bible includes Gross facts and gory facts in the Bible. My boy loved these bits the best:-)

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