Ed Stetzer: Toward a Missional Convention

Just listened to Ed Stetzer reading his paper “Toward a Missional Convention” with gusto at the Baptist Identity Conference. Ed lays out a good working definition of “missional”, communicates it in Baptistspeak, distances it slightly from the ecumenical roots (I have a few issues with that but not worth mentioning here] and recommends the Southern Baptist Convention works together with emerging leaders and moves forward. Well done, Ed!


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  • Andrew: Thanks for the link. As one who grew up in a SBC faith community and bless them every day for the solid grounding they imparted to me, it is good to hear voices like Ed’s calling them back to being a missional people.

  • Hey man. Yeah, I was there and it was a great talk. A few from the fundy wing were red-faced as Stetzer spoke. His q&a time was great. Simultaneously pastoral and prophetic. Good stuff.

  • Right on target, Ed.
    I’m not into promoting my stuff on other peoples’ blogs, but I recently wrote a post on missional worship that might benefit folks interested in this topic. You can read it here. Let me know if the way I laid it out is at all helpful for you as a tool for conferring the missional concept to our expressions of worship. A couple of years ago I read Hunter’s The Celtic Way of Evangelism, which influenced the article.

  • Ed Stetzer out loud

    Ed Stetzers been making the rounds on the speaking circuit this week. You might have heard of Ed for introducing the 3-category understanding of the emerging church: relevants, reconstructionalists, and revisionists.
    Ed has a slot at the Resurg…

  • I listened to the AoG seminar (all 3 hours of it) live and blogged on it. It was generally pretty ok. (how’s that for nondescript? good eh?)

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