Canadians can save the American church?

Earl Creps, who i havent seen for about 7 years [hi Earl!] has a good article this morning called How Canadians can save the American Church. Good advice. I will be in Montreal April 21-23 to talk about the global emerging church.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Truth Seeker says:

    I am curious here. The author of that piece really does not say what exactly it is that makes Canadians the ‘savior’ of the American Church. He makes some general observations, but those can be made of any nation. As I understand it, being 20-30 years ahead does make one better spiritually when dealing with multi-culturalism. Look at Europe right now. They are dealing with the effects of multi-culturalism and is in moral and spiritual tailspin! And the author seems to say that we need to learn from them and have them show us the way? If anything I think we need to learn their mistakes and avoid the path they have taken.
    Canada is one of the most secular nations on Earth. I am leary about saying that the American Church must be saved by them. Not to say we can’t come along our brother’s to the north and learn, but they can learn from us as well.
    My 2 cents!

  • andrew jones says:

    i actually think it will be the non-western nations and their indigenous theologians that help USA out of this pit. India first and then China.

  • As a Canadian, I hardly think we can “save” the American Church. Mostly because the churches I associate with are trying to be more American, specifically. For the most part, Earl Creps’ comments about Canadians are highly generalized. The Canadians he met who made him think this way were not Canadians, they must have simply been Christ-like, that’s all.

  • kbartha says:

    got a bud in montreal i think would like to be there with you … interesting article… and from the responses so far, as a Canadian I can tell you that many among us don’t let our poppies grow too tall before we cut them down for fear of empire… especially in the church.
    But the humble small broken Spirit motivated kingdom leaders in this nation have healing and perspective in their wings.
    Canada is a young village full of all nations. It’s who we are among, not who we are. We are an post-empire international experiment 🙂

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