London meetings

Sorry I have been so silent. I have been behind on a number of deadlines and didnt feel right about blogging until i had completed some things. Internet at my hostel is down so i am at a crowded internet cafe.

i met today at Church Mission Society HQ. Good lunch with Jonny Baker, Gareth and Tim who video taped me for a documentary they are making.

In the afternoon I had another meeting onboard HMS President on the Thames river. This was a planning and vision casting meeting for Pentecost Festival 2008 which will be a London-wide ministry weekend involving, probably, 30,000 people. Rob Frost was managing this meeting and you will probably hear more from him in the near future on this event, that he sees as a 5 year commitment that will see 100,000 people involved in London by 1012, the year of the Olympics.

Tomorrow’s meeting is the top secret one. But i will tell you without using the right words so that spammers will not pick up what i am saying and hound me. A number of emerging church start ups and ministries who believe God is moving them to the next level are meeting with an organization that gives financially to such things. I have been really busy with paperwork over the last two weeks to make this all happen – which has WORN ME OUT a little  – but i am sure it was worth it. We will find out tomorrow.

That it. I’m tired. Time to go back to my youth hostel, to my room with 16 beds.


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