Top 5 Blog Posts in 2006?

UPDATE: Bob Carlson wants us all to submit our Top 5 blog posts to him. [Remember last year??] A $5 donation for submitting 5 posts will go to a New Orleans charity – check out Give5Now. Here are my Top 5 for 2006. They may not be the highest rating but i enjoyed writing and reading them.

1. Losing my Religion in London Part 1 [Part Two, Three, and Four]
2. The Drama of Domain Mapping My Blog

3. Sometimes I Dress Like a Pagan

4. The Emerging Church is NOT White Middle-Class Males

5. Carrying Your Dad’s Dumbbell

I also liked the post for my wife – brain(spirit)storm [top secret] but it was too techie for many readers {clue: you have to SELECT the text to read it . . like invisible ink – i don’t think many people got that one}

ORIGINAL: Bill Dahl of Purpoise Diving Life has published his list of “2006 best” and this has inspired me to ask a question that has been on my mind for a w hile:

What was the best single blog post in 2006 regarding the emerging church?

Not the best blog SITE – that is soooo early millenium. But the best blog POST – lets find it . . . it should be recognized because the new blogosphere is more about individual posts and how they perform [their google-ranking, long tail, reach, artistic quality, etc] than it is about how many permanent links or daily visitors or how cool your blog looks.

Another question – what was the BEST post you wrote in 2006? Your Favorite? Your highest Google Ranked? Your most commented on? I think my favorite blog post, out of all i wrote in 2006 is called “The Drama of Domain Mapping My Blog“.

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