Rocky Balboa: My Conference Call With Sly

I got an email invitation to be in phone chat with Sylvester Stallone last week regarding his new movie, Rocky Balboa. Which I accepted. But I didnt hear from them again. I am guessing they saw that i am now living in UK and decided to GIVE ME THE SHAFT which is fine. . . no hard feelings . .. just means Sly didn’t get to say “Yo! . . Tall Skinny Kiwi!” and I didn’t get any specific info on his movie that I can share with you.


But let me throw out a Sly quote:

If you don’t have a great relationship with God, you can go off the deep end. The Christian foundation of life is really the perfect ideal which one should base every decision they make on, because it comes from a sense of kindness, a sense of giving, a sense of fairness, and it avoids everything which I’m exposed to every day in my particular industry which is greed, and avarice and jealousy and bitterness . . .”

Interview with Catholic Digest

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