Waffles for 30

I’m back. After a month of not blogging. I think i got rid of my addiction, for now, and am able to think rationally about blogging and my love-hate relationship with the blogosphere and the forces behind it. I think i have tumbled the babel tower in my own heart and am ready for another season.

But i need to start over in some ways. I need to reclaim my blog for me. I realize there are a lot of new people jumping into my journey and i am grateful for that. Perhaps its best if i introduce myself over the next week or so . . . and then you will get to know me a little more and this blog might serve you better than it might otherwise.

So let me start with me right now.

Its Sunday afternoon and we are a little tired. I had to stay up a lot of last night to watch over the 23 teenagers who were staying here for a movie marathon in the back room of our house. Thats a lot of people for a house with only one bathroom and one toilet. And they are both located in the same room.

There are actually a lot more people than that in our house.

I have a wife and 5 kids. Obviously, they live with me.

Another family from Texas has lived with us for about 5 months. They have two kids.

One of our daughters had a friend stay over last night.

Caroline is sleeping in the attic space that we have converted for the hospitality of pilgrims. After the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain and a brief sojourn in Turkey and London, Caroline is completing her pilgrimage here with us. And she will be in Houston in 6 weeks along with me and some other friends.

This morning I made waffles for these 30-40 people. I like to make crepes on Sundays but waffles are faster and I have a very efficient Krups waffle maker that I bought my for wife a few months ago while we were in Belgium. Its a Krups FDD912 Expert Waffle Maker with Rotary System and I highly recommend it.


I dont get a commission for my recommendations. But sometimes i buy something and get a lot of milage out of it. And a few days ago, in London, Paul Thaxter asked me what kind of waffle maker i used and this is the one.

Or was it Southhampton? I cant remember.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mathias says:

    Welcome back. I guess I’m one of those that have dropped in on your journey over the past year or so. Enjoy your blog, and I’m glad to see that the blog break served the purpose of it.
    So, this is me in a few words, to let you know who this Finnish blogger is:
    -Father of two, husband of one
    -Student of literature
    -Fascinated by the narrative, in any form
    -Child of God, friend of Jesus
    -Glad to be alive

  • Philip says:

    Your back! I 2 have been reading for about 6 months. I was mainly reading your blog at first to get tips on improving mine, and trying to deal with my blog sins! It will be good for you to start again, as my wife asked me the other day, what you do and who you are etc, and I realised I had no idea really except you travel heaps and use a Mac. Cheers Philip

  • RonMck says:

    Are you one of those guys who gives technology to his wife, because he likes fiddling with technology himself.

  • Alan Cross says:

    Good to have you back, Andrew. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Jenelle says:

    Welcome back. I’m another one who has dropped in on you in these recent days. I’ve just started blogging myself and wanted to learn a thing or two. (I’m doing this online program for Fuller and they actually made us check out your blog as one of our assignments…how do you like that?!) You visited my Portugal, but I think I was out of town back when you came around…was it for Connect Europe stuff? I can’t remember the connection. Anyhow…I appreciate your blog fast. Good model for us. Blessings of Sabbath rest and more hot waffels to you in Jesus Name.

  • -Justin- says:

    That expert waffle maker must really make some waffles quick. I am sure they were much better than the pancakes we usually end up making for crowds.
    And the fact you got the waffle maker in Belgium should ensure a good waffle. I have yet to even come close to recreating the waffles I had there a few years back.

  • Ed C says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like life hasn’t slowed down too much over there.
    That waffle maker is pretty sleek and sharp, and I’m sure it does a great job . . . but wouldn’t you rather have a large, obnoxious, mult-purpose set-up??? I’m thinking of something like the George Foreman G5 with the removable plates such as a waffle plate, grill, or skillet. Waffles are OK, but can your Belgian product handle a T-Bone?
    Well, I’m not sure if the G5 could either . . . Nevermind. I’m not even sure if the G5 can handle a waffle.

  • Nice bit of waffling at the end there Andrew!

  • kent says:

    What a gift of hospitality both you can your family have. That must have been a fun breakfast.

  • knnuki says:

    I’m jealous of your waffle maker. Attempting to attain hero-dad-of-the-universe status a couple years ago, I bought a waffle maker, reminiscent of my Nebraska childhood, so I could make waffles on weekends. It’s primary selling point was that it was cheap (bought at a Lidl, in the Netherlands). It doesn’t work very well and hero status evades me. Now I want yours.

  • David says:

    Good to have you back. I am a more recent reader, as of about six months ago, so thanks for the introduction. I have loads of questions I would love you to answer, but as a start, I wonder could you tell us more about pilgrimage? I have four kids under six and so won’t be doing any long distance walks for a while, but am fascinated.

  • andrew says:

    ed, the George Forman Grill just made the top of list of no-longer-used gadgets in UK.
    at least mine gets a weekly or bi-weekly workout.
    david – did you say pilgrimage? i will get around to that soon. really.

  • Ed C says:

    Yeah, I’m already dreading the garage sales in America ten years from now. It will be wall to wall George Foreman Grills along with dumpy little fondue set-ups.

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