Our Wedding Anniversary Today in Belgium

Today we are in Belgium. . . Antwerp, actually. About 45 minutes from where i met my wife in Zaventum.

Today is the 19th anniversary of my marriage to the woman who puts up with me. We met each other in Belgium in August 1985, as part of OM’s Love Europe summer campaign. On August 8, 1987, despite the poor example of Solomon who married foreign women, I married my own foreign woman – an American named Debbie. We were married at First Ev. Free Church in Fullerton, known to locals as the Pizza Hut and famous for its pastor Chuck Swindoll.

Our anniversary custom is to go out together and buy each other a gift – this is due to my inability to buy what my wife really wants, and my wife’s fear that what she buys me will not be used (i’m very fussy). Today, fashion consultants Derek and Amy Chapman will accompany us to a number of Belgian stores to suggest an appropriate gift.


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  • Woohoo… what an honour to read that you are gracing my lovely city (well, the city where I work at least) with your presence. Probably a tad too late to be of use for you, but if you are shopping for clothes, I’d suggest you check out the Kammestraat in Antwerp. That street has the best alternative, retro, … clothes shops.
    Congrats with the anniversary in any case! Funny to read how you guys met at OM in Belgium. Exactly how my mum and dad met eachother all those years ago.

  • Hello Andrew,
    Headphonaught (Thomas) put me in touch with you and me not realising you reside in Orkney. I’m just along the road in Kirkwall.
    Hope you, your wife and kids are well and sounds as if things are going well in Belgium.
    Hope to speak soon,
    Blessings, Matthew.

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Sophie and I just celebrated 15 years, and also went to Belgium to celebrate.
    Rogier. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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