The Tennessee Emerging Church Podcast Cometh


Thanks Leslie for capturing the real me for your slideshow. Must be something weird in that Sweet Carolina BBQ sauce. Looking forward to Nick and Josh’s podcast which should be ready by Sep 14. Tune in and hear from me and Olgavaro Bastos Jnr, of Tribal Generation fame. Olgavaro also pastors a church of 2000 people in Uberlandia, Brazil. Its called Sal Da Terra.


I am being asked for the videos that Olgavaro presented at the Global Briefing last week. You will find much of it here on the TG site including some of our events in Europe, Asia, and the Americas [North and South]

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223588411 7Be8E0E533Had a huge slab of Tennessee BBQ ribs last night at Sticky Fingers. Mike Smith rounded up some folk to talk about church in the emerging culture. Mike and I met at Golden Gate Seminary 8 years ago. Thanks for the ribs, Mike. Mystical!!!!

Nick and Josh came down for dinner and interviewed Olgavaro and myself for one of their superb and definitely-NOT-lame podcasts. I was finally able, after months of anticipation, to give the skinny on their “Tall Skinny” recommendations.

My apologies for calling these guys dorky and saying their podcast is lame. If that was true at the time, which it must have been because i said it, they certainly are not dorky or lame now and i am sooooo glad there are podcasts like these – fun and real and educational at the same time. I heard, btw, that after starting their podcasts only a few months ago, they now have almost 12,000 subscribers. Way to go!!!

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  • I wonder if you had good ol’ American cooking, as pictured above, in the Orkneys if you would still be known as the tall SKINNY kiwi??? The ribs look very good.

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