Nizlopi at Greenbelt

226264988 31A90Ad02CPleasantly surprised by the folk-rap-jazzy band Nizlopi. I met them at the pie stall and had a good chat with Luke, who promised to do song for me if I came along. Not that he needed more people – there was a massive swarm of bodies. But my curiosity was aroused, and my ego was wondering if i would get a Tallskinnykiwi song – which i did. And he did. Thanks Luke and John! I will now be your unswerving fan!

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They have a similar sound to Ben and Robin of 100 Portraits. The best song was their Number One hit “The JCB song” which taps into those deep emotional memories every boy has with their dad. Touching.

I also liked when poet Alastair McIntyre [i mean McIntosh] joined the band and gave some hard hitting poetic words for young men to grow up and look to their Beloved.

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