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Kw6-2Is this the face of the USA Emerging Church? Karen Ward is enjoying a week in UK as the Emerging Church “Diva”, representing as much as she can of the emerging church around USA. At home in Seattle, she is part of an urban monastic style church and has been blogging since 2001.

Karen is part of the BLAH tour going on right now in UK called Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in a Postmodern Culture, hosted by Ryan Bolger. If you live in the UK, then make sure you get to one of the Blah sessions held around the country over the next week. Schedule here. Ryan Bolger (Fuller) and Karen Ward (COTA, Seattle) will be leading these sessions based on the book. More details on PDF.

I will be with them next Thursday in London for a 24 hour thinktank.

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  • simon
    yes – a shame indeed . . . but any city is uk is welcome to gather a decent crowd and run it by jonny baker – who i am sure would be happy to see a Blah in the north.
    i know i would back it also

  • karen & ryan represent a face of u.s. emerging church that fuels my hope – propelled by traditions, animated by the Spirit and mainly off the churchianity grid

  • There is a post on Jonny’s blog that gives his reasons for not taking it to Scotland here. I’m sure that if there were a group here to invite him, Blah would be here as well.
    The best option for Scotland has to be for a Scottish network to be developed, which can then look for a mix of local and imported resources. As far as I can see, this kind of networking is just in the early stages.

  • Hey Simon, as a tour vet i’d love to come to Scotland, for a ‘Blah Scotland tour’ to a few cities in 07 with a partner like Doug Gay. Do contact our agent and ermerging ‘ u/U.K. Bishop’ Jonny Baker to see if we could do a 4 site maybe Scotland (and Norhern Ireland ireland) tour!

  • See, this is why I need to track blog comments. I only just read this now.
    Thanks for the offer Karen. A group of us around Glasgow (including Doug) are trying to get together to see if we can do something in the area. It’s just talk at the moment, and slow going at that due to commitments on all sides. I will pass on the offer.

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