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I only print off articles when i need to bring them into the bathtub. Here are two worthy PDFs that made it to print today.

1. Complexity Theory as Model and Metaphor for the Church (pdf) by David Wollert.

2. Hybridity or The Third Space and How Shall We Describe the Kingdom of God (pdf) by Johnathon Ingleby

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  • Hey andrew this is Thomas I used to have pais, and live with the community in Pomona. It’s been so long since I have talked you you, do you do SKYPE at all? I really enjoy your Blog, if I had voice recognition software I would blog but I don’t and so I am limmited to my two fingers, which don’t go so fast. Any way it’s good to see you and Debbie and your children doing well. p.s. saw the girls get baptized, great video Dad….
    With great affection

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