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Discerning Reader is a new web site for Tim Challies, web master for the conservative crowd. Its got book reviews, DVD reviews and some more book reviews. Its his best design yet [love that KIWI green] and will no doubt be a well-frequented site, since Tim is famous for his book reviews. Did i mention there will be BOOK REVIEWS on his site?

But whats up with the BOOK thing? Where are the reviews of scholarly PDF’s and momentus blog posts? I am hoping Tim will acknowledge the new media world of electronic publications as well as those old paper inventions. The site also needs a space for readers to leave their own comments and book reviews. Come on, Tim.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Are you sure it’s ‘kiwi’ green. Looks a distinctly feijoa shade from here.

  • brett jordan says:

    Pantone 575 is my best guess 🙂

  • andrew says:

    sure looks kiwi to me. but maybe i’m biased
    “feijoa” stephen? are you a kiwi? (feijoa is a green and white fruit eaten in New Zealand and, unlike the Kiwi Fruit, was not stolen from the Chinese.

  • Yes. And it’s feijoa season here now. Just got given a jar of feijoa jam, and there’s a house a few doors up the road selling them at the gate.
    However, the feijoa actually orginates in South America – Brazil and Argentina – for all Kiwi’s claims that it’s theirs.
    Personally, I don’t like them (taste of menthol to me) but my kids do and will eat as many as they can get.

  • BRIAN says:

    Dear author of this website my name is Mrs.Ruud and I’m asking you in favour to delete the blogs about Brian Ruud my husband.our work is for the orphans,the widows and the poor,not to mention Gods people. these people are slanderious and totally untrue.SO I appreciate that you’ll do this Mrs.Ruud

  • tsk says:

    Mrs Ruud, I have never met your husband and i blogged about Brian Standerfer, not Brian Ruud. There are comments both for and against your husband and I stopped the comments. I dont think i should delete any of them.
    let me know if you want me to open the comments on that blog post again so you can give us an accurate account of your husband’s ministry and i will do it.

  • Brian Kenyon says:

    I was googling James Bookhout, a pastor in Schenectady NY and ended up here…do you guys know him, I’d like his email address.
    Thanks, Brian

  • Catherine says:

    “Mrs. Ruud” would not be in a position to provide any “accurate” account of her husband’s ministry. “Mrs. Ruud” is the second wife of Brian Ruud’s. She is all of 19 years old. Mr. Ruud is 60+ years old.
    His former wife of 35+ years and his two sons would be the people with the most accurate account of Brian Ruud’s ministry…but….since Brian is estranged from them, that would be difficult. The former Mrs. Ruud & his two married adult sons have no idea where Brian is. Brian has never met his grandchild either.

  • Eiram says:

    Has anyone heard from Brian Ruud or know where he is? Is He still preaching? Hope He is doing well. I first heard Him preach when He was in His twenties and was blessed as where my friends and relatives.

  • matt says:

    I have met Brian Ruud in sch’dy N.Y. last year while attending Spirit and Truth Christian church. He can preach his bells off and I truley believe he is blessed of God. At the very least he knows some truth and preaches it well. I cant speak for or against him, but to many of you I say this; Like all of us he lives in a body of flesh and blood. And as having accepted Christ, which I believe he has, He has access to and communion with the holy spirit. I believe he truley loves his new wife, and she him. I also know that God forgives ALL of our sin in each and everyone of us that ask. And yes, believe it or not God forgives preachers sins too. IM sure God is at work in you Brian where ever you are. So God bless you and your wife.

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