House Church Today: China

Today we are having a house church love feast with a Peking Duck that i marinated all night. I just downloaded the story of Gladys Aylward. There are some prayers at the end we might pray together. One of my daughters (Elizabeth) is fascinated with China so she is cooking up the chinese pancakes as i write this. I am also looking for some Songs of Canaan by Sister Ruth to download. Be great to have them playing for our meal. I read of her in Aikman’s "Jesus In Beijing".


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  • What do you think about the freedom of religion in China? A blog-friend of mine is very engaged in this issue and has a list of people who is jailed because of religion.

  • Weird Hippy says:

    Having gone to Aylward secondary school in Edmonton, London i am so disappointed that we never spent any time thinking about the work and life of our founder.

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