Church 2.0 and not 3.0

I hear talk of “Church 3.0” as if its the next thing. This is a different scale. Church 2.0 is a contextual response to a cyber-culture defined, at this moment, as Web 2.0. There is NO Web 3.0 so please don’t anyone be in a hurry to get there and dont confuse the blogosphere with another number.

Overheard in the Web 2.0/Church 2.0 world:

– Surowiecki’s speech at SXSW on Web 2.0 and the Wisdom of Crowds is blogged.

Like a Fire looks at Web 2.0 and Youth Ministry

E-Church added to Museum of Modern Betas

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  • Hey, thanks for the link. I am hoping that some of the thoughts that are circulating about Web 2.0 will open some new ideas for the non-virtual church.

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